Mar 13, 2008

My Life With Boys....

My life is full of boys.
So my life is filled with boy things....
Muddy clothes piled just outside the back door.
Some women I know pay big bucks to be covered in mud.
My boys get it for free.
often.... VERY often.

My boys like to collect things. Things like used up shot gun shells from skeet shoots.
Because they are "cool".
There are buckets of shot gun shells.
There are boxes of shot gun shells.
Shotgun shells everywhere you look.

I have no less than 10 pairs of rubber boots on my back porch.

Did you know that you can never have too many pairs of rubber boots?
Some are short, some are tall, some are steel-toed, some are not.
Lots & LOTS of rubber boots!

My boys like to recycle. They like to recycle things like really really old broken down motorcycles they find in the woods.
Again, this is because they are "cool".
My boys turn these into things like a comfortable seat outside.
They are very clever.

My boys like to drive things.

There is not a space in a shed or in the drive that isn't filled with some sort of motorized vehicle.
Boys like speed.

Did I mention the mud?

They really like mud!

Not so much.

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The Barber Bunch said...

That's alot of mud!!!


WildernesFamily said...

Dana, what seriously awesome photos! You're still not completely off the hook for not getting a "stuck in the mud trailer" pic though! LOL.

Love the bike swing, I bet you never have a dull moment with all your boys around :)

kelly said...


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