Mar 12, 2008


I asked worker #1 to go get a few loads of dirt from the huge dirt mountain in our back pasture to put into the potting shed/ secondary brooder. (It was built in a dip in the yard so it holds water.. I want to raise the floor there so my poor young chickens dont have a mud bath when it rains.)

Worker #1 hooks the small tag-a-long trailer to the 4-wheeler and was off.
After two loads were delivered, I realized I had not heard him come back.

I called him on his cell phone.
"Where are you?" I asked
"Mom, I'm busy trying to get the trailer out of the muddy ditch, don't worry.. it's almost out" he replied.

30 min. later after still no sound I called him again......

"What ARE you doing???" I asked
"Mommmm! quit calling me! I almost have it out!" he snapped.


30 min later I finally got in the Suburban and drove out there.
What did I find?

My cute little tow-a-long trailer was now a flat-bed.
He took the whole thing apart to get it out of the mud!!!

why didn't he ask for help?
Is it the testosterone?
Is that the hormone than makes males think they can do everything with no help?
Will it bring a male actual physical pain to ask for help?
Would the sky fall?
Would the Earth stop spinning on its axis?
Didn't he think about the fact that my Suburban could have pulled it out in 2 seconds?!?!?

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Anonymous said...

Yep... it's testosterone poisoning....

Lacey said...

Not only is it testosterone...but it's that pesky little Y chromosome.

WildernesFamily said...

What, no photos?! :)

A man in training, glad he got it figured out :)

KayleighJeanne said...

Lol, I second the "Where are the photos?"

I wouldn't blame it entirely on the testosterone. My sister and I have done some equally goofy things to get her car out of a snowbank, rather than call someone to help us.

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