Apr 2, 2008

Gulp....(Our Wife Swap episode)

ok.... I'm stepping out on a limb here...
WAY out!
After many MANY requests from people to see our episode of Wife Swap I finally decided to upload some of the show to my You Tube account.

You know how they say that the camera adds 10lbs to you?
Well.... Mine added lets say 40lbs to me.
They did not use the Super-pretty, skinny model lens in my shots.
Instead they used the super-fat, scary-looking-hag lens.
Keep that in mind and I'll let you see it ok?

Ok.... here goes....
Please don't slam the door while running away.

The first video is meeting our family and saying good-bye before we leave on our long journey to another family.
(I had to video it off of my TV, so the sound quality isnt that good, but it'll have to do)

This next video is going to show the new "Mom" Tina and I looking around our new homes for the show.
(Oh.. and the 3 pieces of clothing hangin in the closet that really bothers her? thats because they emptied the closet out for her clothes! geeeezzze)

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dykewife said...

i've never watched the show. however, the polar opposites were incredible. it surely must've been an adventure for her. i mean, it's one thing to move up to luxury, it's quite another to lose it and go to more basic living...did she cook for the family?

Dana (The Homesteading Housewife) said...

She cooked for my family the first week when she had to follow my "rules". (using my recipes)

The second week ,after the rule change, she brought in MY Mother to do the cooking!

Tatersmama said...

I just discovered your blog ( and I'm hooked BTW) and saw the videos.
All I can say is that I would rather you as a friend than that stick insect.
Me bad.

Tink412 said...

It's me the crazy Pug lady,I loved your episode of Wife Swap.I'm a fan of the show & wondered how much is in the editing. I'm sure you have quite a story to tell about it all.I'm going back to look at some more of your videos.You did a great job! I know you had a lot more people wanting to be your friend than hers!

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