Apr 5, 2008

Crazy Alien Chives?!?!

So I was out walking around the farm this morning.
I was looking for more spring flowers to snap pictures of...
I stumbled upon these!

How strange they look!
Kind-of Alien-like huh?
I didn't have any idea what these strange flower-like things were that were popping up around my driveway.
I picked one to take a closer look.
Then the smell hit me... It was an onion of some sort! Chives maybe. I know what chives look like.. I plant them and love them I plant and love onions.. I used them both in cooking all the time.
But for some reason I have never seen them look like this.

Strange man.... Strange... So I sat down to ponder these new chives and before I knew it I had eaten about 30 of them.. yummy! "burp"

Now... I wanna plant some!

Anybody know what kind they are?

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Lacey said...

I have no idea what kind they are, but they sure are pretty. If you find out what kind please let us know. I'd like to have some for cooking purposes as well as for the "odd" factor in the flower beds.

dykewife said...

are you sure you don't live near a nuclear reactor or near homer simpson's house?

it is an interesting type looking plant. perhaps send the photo to a botony or agriculture dept of a university near you.

Anonymous said...

I think they are called "tree onions" if I remember correctly....the little onions on top fall to the ground and replant themselves.

Anonymous said...

I have those in my yard.. They are walking onions! They are soo yummy! I got them from an old homestead near our house, they were tearing it down and going to disk the pasture up, I got to looking and you could see where they had been planted around the house, I kept walking and in the 10-20 years the place had been empty those onions had spread all the way out through the pasture. The tops get soo heavy they fall over and the littl bulblets take root and grow and make more bulblets.

Anonymous said...


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