Apr 6, 2008

Help me name Him

I've gotten several e-mails asking me about the picture of the rooster that I have in the "about me" section.
Well he is our Guard Rooster. He is about 6 feet tall and permanently stands at the end of our driveway.
He was made by an artist in Mexico who uses old tin signs to create rustic sculptures.

He is one of the two that we have here... the second fella is just like this one only I painted him green and white instead of red and white. (they just looked like cut up tin signs till I painted em)
the green guy stands further down the driveway.

Everyone around here knows how to find our place because of this Rooster. He is kind-of our Mascot, and He needs a name.

The problem is.... I name everything.. and I mean EVERYTHING!
But I haven't been able to come up with a fitting name for this guy.

I consider myself to be sporadically clever, and I'm drawing a blank with this guy..

Any ideas?
please help me by leaving my your great , clever, snazzy names in the comments section.

I'll post the winning name.

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11 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

Anonymous said...

Well, here's a few - but, if you're like me, it has to "fit" his personality...and being his Mama, you're the best one to judge that. So here goes:

Maybe I'll think of some more in bit!

Anonymous said...

Colonel Clover. LOL!

mrs oz

scrounger said...

Gregory (as in PECK....)
Old Crow
Sir Crowsalot
El Pollo Loco
Foghorn's big brother
Captian Cackle
Major Roo
MISTER Chicken

Anonymous said...

Here are a few ideas.

Mad Max or just Max
Big Red
Rusty the rooster


m~ said...

I like Rusty. However, he does remind me a little of Foghorn Leghorn too.
Maybe you could call him The Texas Turkey or Rooty the Rooster. I'm just not go at naming stuff. Hope you find a winner.

Anonymous said...

Since his parts come from Mexico..I would call him "Senor Rooster". Doris

Anonymous said...

Cock of the Walk

Anonymous said...

I dunno. My first thought was "Fido."

Hey, it means "faithful" so why not? ;)

If you want something "chicken-y," how about Harland (like the late Colonel Harland Sanders of KFC fame)?


Shelljo said...

Randy. As in Randy Rooster. Cause Rooster's get rather...randy...

Anonymous said...

I like "Brewster". He just looks like a Brewster.

Cliff (cjb)

Bethany said...

you didn't mention that we think the artist would have a heart attack when he saw that you PAINTED his creation! But I have to admit that rusty (and whatever you name the OTHER rooster) are more "you" when painted.

- your spoiled, "big city", little sister

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