Apr 22, 2008

How did this happen?

See these beautiful short people?
They are mine.
I sit here confused....
I am wondering to myself....
How did this happen?

Lets start at the bottom.

Worker #1 is now 6'2" tall! He is driving. He is in High School! He eats, drinks, & breathes fishing. Just bought his first truck, and he has a GIRLFRIEND!!! all this and he still can't keep his pants pulled up!

Worker #2 is the football player, He is also driving. He lives, eats, and drinks music. He just bought his first classic car, an El Camino. he wants to wear all black and have long messy hair. Oh Joy! *sigh*

Workers #1 & #2 are now in the place where they have come to the realization that their ancient mother (that would be me!) is dumber than dirt, and they teeter between lovable young men and ATTITUDE-overdosed, Hormone-filled, awkward hairs popping out of their chins Balls of Yuckyness.

Worker #3. Loves to read. Swears he is allergic to manual labor. Is a straight A student, a Boy Scout, Would live, breathe, eat, drink, and sleep playing video games if I'd let him. (but of course I'm too mean to let him rot in front of the games all day & night!) He is stuck in that place where he wants to run with the big boys... but still likes the little boy things... Tough place to be for a boy.

Worker #4 Is still my baby boy. He can melt even the hardest heart with his smile. His teachers all say they wish they could clone him and fill their classes with this child. Everybody loves him. But alas... he too is growing and becoming more of a young man than a little boy.... this one's gonna hurt!

The Little-Foreman-in-Pink.. what can I say about the only other female in the house? She loves all things "pretty" and makes sure she is pretty while digging in the dirt for worms. She is an amazing little person. But she breaks my heart a little bit each time she stubbornly says "I can do it myself!" and trust me..... she can! and does!! **sob** She can charm you into doing anything one minute then drive ya nuts with her stubbornness the next. (she is just like her daddy! but don't tell him that! It might ruin his rep)

I have wonderful children and this post is NOT about complaining about them....
I AM complaining that they are growing up too fast!!

I am blessed to be their mother.

But.. Do these people have grow up so fast?
Isn't there anything I can do to slow this down??
I am NOT ready for this!!

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send me some ok?
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Bethany said...

Their spoiled, "city girl" aunt would like some new photos of her nephews and niece before they're all grown up! :o) (Though I'm in love with this photo as well.)

Denise said...

I know how you feel. Kids grow up way to fast. I have 4 boys (18,16,15,12) and 1 girl(7) also. I wish they would just stay little forever, but alas, they grow up, move on, and leave us mothers with only memories of how they once were.

Anonymous said...

Adorable picture!!!

Barry said...

yes dana the kids are growing up to fast, and they eat too much....please slow the process down. tell the boys dad loves them!

dykewife said...

as much as i enjoy boy being the age he is (he's shaving the peach fuzz on his face insisting he can grow a better beard than me - hah!)and the fact that he can take care of himself so well and i can sleep in and all that, i miss being able to pick him up and have him snuggle into my shoulder and get that short-arm-baby hug he used to give. *sigh*

they do grow up far too fast.

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