Apr 23, 2008

Things you need water for....

Last-night our water well stopped. It just died. Poof.. no water. Joy!

Inside the house were
4 stinky-dirty-sweaty-sticky-smelly young-men-folk.
1 dirty-sticky Little-Foreman-in-Pink
1 tower of dirty dinner dishes.
1 HUGE mountain of dirty laundry.
And several EMPTY water bottles. (oops)
1 sobbing Mom. (that would be me)

Workers #1 & 2 and I went out to investigate.
The Man-of-My-Dreams instructed us to get out the volt meter thingie to check and see if the pump and it's breaker was getting juice. (they were... not good!)

Oh great.... will we need a new pump? We just bought Man-Town!!
How are we supposed to get a well man to come out here and put in a new pump..
that = $$$$$????

I called the well-man and we waited.
In the mean-time I noticed all of the things that we take for granted that require water.

Showers for the stinky men-folk.
Showers for the women-folk of the house.
Flushing toilets.
washing dishes.
brushing teeth.
making coffee!!!! **sob**sob**
wetting hair to make it less Poofy (workers #1 & 2 were not pleased!)
washing clothes.
watering the chicks and ducks.
watering the cows (but they have the pond so it was ok)
Making tea.
washing hands.
etc etc etc.......

I also realized that all my preaching about being prepared is wonderful.... IF you do it!! (Re-fill water bottles as you use em! Duh!)

The well man finally showed up.
Thank Goodness it was NOT the water pump....
It was the 220 line into my house.
a quick re-wire and we were in business again!! whoo hoo!!

and all my water bottles/jugs are filled once again!
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Magpie said...

I've been there, Glad it worked out to be a temporary shortage for you! I keep my rain barrels full (in addition to drinking water) for situations like that so I know I have plenty for flushing the toilet and water for the animals etc.
This is my first time to you site, love it :)

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