Apr 19, 2008

He's moving into his own house!!!

Well, kinda sorta...
As I have complained, whined, cried about, pouted about, told you, The Man-of-My-Dreams is working out of state during the week.
One of the things that makes it even harder is the fact that the kids and I can't really go visit and stay with him when he cannot come home on the week-ends.
He has been renting a small travel trailer and sharing it with another guy from his job.

After many months of looking, we found a camper for him to own that we could afford (using his per-diem pay) and that can fit the kids in for a visit too! And it's nice!!!

Did you know that it's harder to get financed for an RV loan than it is to get financed for a house?!?!?
It was CRAZY!! They say it is because tn RV or camper is seen as a luxury item, and you can drive off with it and never be seen again where a house you cannot and it is seen as a need.

Well if The Man-of-My-Dreams wants a job... this is a NEED.
(his next job will not have any place to rent!)

It took lots of prayers, lots of paper-cuts, lots of stress, and a wonderful Mother who was willing to co-sign...

But today it is gonna be in OUR driveway!!!
It has a slide-out that makes a HUGE difference in the feeling of space.

a nice bedroom area for him, couch, table & entertainment center.

A cute, but small kitchen.

little bathroom and dining area.
And 4 extra beds for the boys!! It's perfect for our needs! And.... without having to pay for hotel rooms or eating out at expensive restaurants, we can go on vacations with this thing!!!

Whoo Hoo!!! now I get to decorate!!

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Doris said...

Hey !! I love it ! So happy for you ! It is wonderful how they can put so much luxury in small spaces.

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