Apr 16, 2008

Oh Joy....

Our farm has a barn.
Well, it's more of a shed than a barn, but I am gonna call it a barn.
There is lots of animal feed in this shed/barn.
Animal feed in a shed/barn brings mice.
The mice will inevitably cause the shed/barn owner to throw in a couple of barn cats.
The shed/barn is now free from mice.

The barn cats are sweet things that act more like dogs than kitties...
They follow the short people out to the bus stop each morning, then wait for them to return each afternoon.

Everything was working out just fine.
My shed/barn had no unwanted critters scurrying around.
The cats were fat and happy.
All was well with our little corner of the world.

Until I found some new unwanted critters in my laundry room!
Ok... unwanted may be the wrong word....
Unplanned maybe is a better term....
Bob Barker would be so ashamed!

But.... How cute are they?!?!?

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Smirky said...

yeah this cool and cute i really like baby kittens and im a cat fan too.

Rhea said...

Ok, way too cute. I grew up on a ranch and we started with just a few cats...and then they kept multiplying and multiplying until we had way too many cats, no matter how cute they were!! I hear ya.

I would much rather have kittens than mice though, for sure.

dykewife said...

they are so darned cute!!!

legendaryabundance said...

AWWWWWW! They are preferable to rats and mice ANY DAY!! And to think we've been searching for a freebie kitten or puppy lately and NONE to be found - "gee ain't you lucky :)"

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