Apr 15, 2008

Times.. They Are a Changing... kinda-sorta

I have been working on the look and lay-out for the new site!!
Wanna peek??


Check out the new recipe box link on the left too!

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

It's a work in progress.....
But I hope to have it up all the way within the next week.
this site will still be the backbone....

There are several reasons I like Blogger hosting my blog (the comments, easy archiving, etc...)
But I must admit I do love having my own web page and building it from the ground up. (like CloverCountryFarms.com & BadMothersAnonymous.com are) If I could figure out how to merge the features from both on one page I'd be very happy!!

till then It'll be http://www.badmothersanonymous.com/ with lots of links to http://homesteadinghousewife.blogspot.com/

anybody a web designer?
well.. a really REALLY cheap one? like free? **giggle**

I need help!
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