Apr 14, 2008

I'm Borrrrrred (Rant of the Day)

With 5 young-in's running around the place, this is a phrase I hear more often that I'd like.
Well I used to anyway, until I found the magic cure for childhood boredom!!
Yes-sir-ee Bob!!
(who is this Bob anyway? My pesky kids have asked... I never gave it a thought till then) , That's what I said... the CURE for childhood boredom!!

Wanna know the secret?


I, like countless other mom's got fed up with the chorus of "I'm Bored's" coming from her kids mouth. I mean we have a farm for cryin out loud! There is LOTS to do!
Go fishing
Go play with the chickens!
Go ride the 4-wheeler.
Go exploring the woods.
Take a walk.
Play on the dirt mountain.
Go play with the pile of wood and nails.

But I's still hear... I'm Borrrrrred Mom, there is nothing to do... ***sigh**

so I came up with a plan...
I'm bored chores.

This is how it works,

A kid comes to me and says "I'm Bored"
I say... "Are you sure your bored?"
They say "Yes, there is nothing to dooooooo."

I whip out my trusty I'm Bored Chores List

It looks something like this.

1.) weed the tomato bed.
2.) Pick up dog-doo piles in the Great Dane pen.
3.) clean all the windows.
4.) dust all the ceiling fans.
5.) Scrape chicken poo off the nest boxes in the hen house.
6.) collect cow poo for the compost pile.
7.) walk around the property and pick things up till this garbage bag is full.
8.) collect sticks for the fire pit.
9.) chop some wood for the smoker.
10.) bathe the Great Danes.

I get to choose which jobs the bored-to-death child gets to do.
Amazingly enough they now never say they are bored.
works like a charm!
Try it!! You'll be glad you did!
A little work won't hurt em anyway!
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4 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

Rhea said...

When I hear the dreaded "B" word (bored), I make them run laps in the driveway. lol I like your idea too though. Get more things accomplished that way.

My six year old was getting in bed tonight and he said, "I'm bored." I couldn't believe it. "It's BED TIME." Sheesh. Kids!

Shelle said...

hahah! I love that idea. I'm finally connecting the dotted lines now that you have mentioned this little secret of yours...I remember saying that to my mom when I was bored and she must have also had a secret list hidden in the far reaches of her mind, because she ALWAYS had stuff for us to do...I'm definitley going to need to ask her about that! lol! I am going to start building my list for my little brats!
I found your site off of pioneer woman...its a fun blog! Thanks for sharing!

Camielle said...

Every day when my kids get bored I always tell them to go watch TV or something. They never listen and bug me all the time. I've always wished my kids could find something useful to do in their spare time. This idea was perfect. I tried it once before, and it worked! I wanted to make sure it worked before i posted a comment though. I have a 7 year old and an 8 year old and twins of 11. Yes, I no, quite a handful right? Now every time they say their bored i whip out the "bored chore list" [that's what we call it] and tell them what to do. They always listen but always regret saying their bored. Thanks for the idea!

Dana (The Homesteading Housewife) said...


I am so glad it's working for you!!
I tell ya.... I'm bored chores are the best!!

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