Apr 10, 2008

Someone is in TROUBLE!

Nope, it's not one of the super-sneaky young-men-folk,

You see the super-sweet Little-Foreman-in-Pink here?
Well, she was being a good little girl and playing in her room.
She came running out, obviously upset and kinda angry....
Put her cute little hands on her cute little hips and said.....

"Mommy!!! here is a Dam Squirrel in the tree!!
You gotta go shoot the little Sh*t before he eats your nuts!!"
(he was in the pecan tree!)
Not good.
I had to sit her down and add another couple words to the
"Bad-Bad-Words-that-I-Can't-Say" List.
Then I gotta call her daddy and her Papa and have a talk with them too!!
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HOTW said...


Gotta love 'em! My MIL had a cow whenever my eldest would walk along look down and go "Look! Dog sh*t!" I got in lots of trouble for that one!

I'l never forget the one Christmas that she had received 2 pairs of slipers from unimaginative inlaws who KNEW I was buying her a pair of Barney ones when she shakes yet another package from another inlaw and says "What the he** is this - another pair of slippers?" which of course they were!

Anonymous said...

That is to cute. Glad that you talked with her. Anyway how did court go????


Rhea said...

Oh, she's way too cute to use words like that. Surely you're mistaken! lol

You've got a firecracker on your hands to be sure.

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