Nov 5, 2008

Yep.. I used to be cool.

Several people asked for this story to be told in it's entirety.... so here ya go!

This is a little-known fact. I used to be cool!
I was sitting around talking to workers #1 - #3 the other day, and they love hearing stories about me when I was their age, And I enjoy telling them stories to make them understand that I once was just like them.

I've shared all my High School experiences...
Like the time I fell into the BIG gray trash can during lunch...
Or the time my gym shorts fell off when I was doing a pull-up...
I even told them all of the gory details of the time I threw up on the shoes of the most dreamy popular boy in my class!...
I didn't leave out the time I got locked in the bathroom stall and the big janitor had to come take the door off either...
And that horrific day I sneezed in class and boogers flew out all over the poor girl sitting in front of me...

Ok.... none of those stories would be classified under "Cool Moments" in high school... But I wanted them to know that their perfect mother also used to have flaws.

This time I was telling my lovely short people about my crowning "Cool Girl" moment.
One of those moments that make me week in the knees to this day...

After I got out of high school I was working at a country western club in Houston called Johnny B Dalton's, I LOVED being a waitress there. I loved working with people.. I loved flirting with the cute cowboys... I loved the music... it was a great time in life.
Johnny B Dalton's was a very popular place. It was the place to BE. and I was one of their top waitresses.

One night, when I got to work, the large V.I.P table in my section was roped off and a big RESERVED sign was on the table.
This was a good thing... V.I.P's were usually big tippers.
When my special party arrived I was shocked to find out that it was none other than John Travolta and his crew!! (insert swoon here)
John Travolta!!!
THE Urban Cowboy!!!
Danny Zuko from GREASE!!!
The Super-Cool Tony from Saturday Night Fever!!
Vinnie Barbarino from Welcome Back Kotter!
THAT John Travolta!!! and I was gonna be his waitress!!!!!

Of course one of the things that makes a good V.I.P waitress a good V.I.P waitress is the fact that she can retain her composure around the V.I.P no matter how dreamy-cute she thinks he is.

They were a pretty good group of guys. I took their order and made sure their glasses were full and their table was clean at all times, I was attentive... but didn't hover.
I quickly realized that John (yeah.. I call him John) had a sense of humor, you see, I was a little bit obsessive compulsive as a cocktail waitress. every drink had to have a bev-nap or coaster under it. The ash tray must never ever have more than 2 butts in it. No empty glasses/bottles were to stay on the table. I was a good waitress. Every so often I'd have to replace the coasters under their glasses as they got wet, Every time I came to the table everyone's glass/bottle was sitting prettily on it's coaster... everyone's EXCEPT Johns. As I cleaned the table I'd stick a fresh coaster under his glass..... then turn around and there his glass would be sitting right beside the coaster!
After the 178th time I put a new coaster under his glass I looked up and saw that he was smiling... I died a thousand deaths when he smiled at me, my knees went weak, But I held my own...
"Am I gonna have trouble with you all night?" I asked with a smile.
"Who? Me?" he asked (yeppers! John freakin Travolta was talkin to ME!!)
I gave him a laugh and went about my business.
This went on for awhile... I'd replace his coaster and he would quickly set his drink right beside it.... I'd scold him for being a trouble maker and he would just laugh. We were playing a game! I was playing a game with John Travolta!!
Then when I was replacing the ever-loving coaster yet again John leaned over to my ear said...
"Wanna dance with me?" John Travolta asked ME to dance!!
"Nope... sorry I'm working, can't dance... besides, who would keep a coaster under your glass if I was on the dance-floor?" I smiled.
He was a little shocked.. I mean how many girls tell John Travolta that they don't want to dance with him?!?!?
I just kept on taking care of my tables and refreshing coasters.....
About 30 minutes later My manager came over to me and told me he wanted to see me in his office NOW! uh-oh.... I went into his office... "Dana, You are one of our best waitresses, but tonight I have gotten numerous complaints from your customers. I can't have unhappy customers around here... I'm gonna have to let you go"

Let me go? I had never ever been fired from ANY job, little-lone one that I KNEW I was great at! He was gonna fire me?!?! I didn't even know what I had done wrong!!! I tried to press him for more information.. He just told me to leave and said he didn't want to talk to me about it anymore. I was in shock! I was upset, I gathered my things, cashed out my till and started to leave the managers office.
As I opened the door to leave I ran smack into John.
He was smiling.... "There, he said, Now we can dance!" He set the whole thing up!! John Travolta got me fired so he could dance with me!!! How cool was THAT?!?!?
We danced and danced that night... They treated me just like I belonged in their super-exclusive club, I sat at their table, I laughed at their jokes, They asked me questions getting to know me.... I felt very at ease...
Oh and By The Way... That man CAN dance!! He was a perfect gentleman... he was funny.. he was sweet.. I had a blast!!!

At the end of the night he walked me to my car and kissed my cheek. "Thanks for a fun evening Dana," he said (yeah... he calls me Dana) I think I floated all the way home.
I never ran into John again, but Boy Oh Boy did he give me a sweet memory!!
And he DID leave me a great tip!
Oh and don't worry, I went back to work the next night.

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11 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

Hannah Noel said...


I'm having a seriously hard time believing this actually happened!!

I once had a locally "famous" news anchor from Tulsa come into the place where I waitressed once.. but nothin' like that!
Looks like he wasn't playing a game with you, he was downright FLIRTING with you! *whew*!!

Is it weird to see him in movies now? lol

Dana (the Homesteading Housewife) said...

Nah... I don't think he was flirting... have you seen his wife? ;)
He was a 100% total gentleman.
And I sure had a night to remember and a great story to tell!

Its really cool to see him in the movies... and think "I Danced with him!!" "He got me fired!!" great memory.

AZ Mom of Many Hats said...

Oh my gosh!!!!What an awesome story to tell your kids. My big claim to fame is that I met the actor that played Father Mokayhe (from M.A.S.H.) on Balboa island when I was 11 years old. Your story waaaaaaaayyyyyy outdoes mine!
AZ Mom of Many Hats

dykewife said...

wow!!! that is cool! in fact, that's the very pinnacle of cool. even cooler is that you turned him down, treated him like he was just another customer. that must have been very disconcerting to him. :D

Shelly said...

What a fun story. I'm sure you'll always remember that night. What a gentleman to make that night so special for you. I would not have been able to stay so cool.

Erin Tales said...

OMG! You ARE cool!

Anonymous said...

Wow. About the only thing I have is that I bought Keith Whitley a cup of coffee at a truck stop in Texas. Then he had one of his crew open the bottom of the bus so he could give me a T-Shirt. Oh, how I cried when he died. I called a friend after work that day and she said she didn't want to talk to me. She didn't want to hear me crying over my beloved Keith. Margie

Anne said...

What a fun story. I think you are super cool (way cooler than me), even if you did fall into a BIG gray trash can. No one else I know can say they danced with John Travolta (I would have totally lost my cool and wound up dribbling in a corner).

Signe said...

lol...great story to pass on :D

Eryn at said...

Eeeeeeeee! lol That makes me giggle like a school girl, not the school marm that I am lol

Sab said...

heeheehee... Oh that is SOOOO cute! Awww! I was totally grinning from ear to ear with the whole story! Awesome!

You ARE cool, girl!

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