May 15, 2008

Maybe she needs to get out more...

I was snapping some pictures of Otis the killer Boston Terrier puppy tonight.
Ain't he cute?
Of course, the Little-Foreman-in-Pink had to get in on the fun too.
I have never regretted my decision to move out of the big noisy city to the nice quiet country life one bit. I am happy to raise my kids away from the pollution, noise, violence etc.. that seems to accompany that fast-paced life.
All of the kids are thriving. They are doing great! even the Little-Foreman-in-Pink, the ONLY girl in the house. Well she is practically the only girl on our road!

She loves all of the critters.
She plays with her brothers. She loves to dress up as a pretty princess. She is a girly girl. But she can be as rough and tuff as any of the boys. She has a can-do attitude. She doesnt take any bull from anyone. She loves to play with the other children at Sunday School. She is Great!!

But every now and then she makes me wonder.....
Does she need to get out more??

As she flips through my catalogues and sees children in the pictures she gets very excited and says, "Mommy Look!!! My Friends!!" "I Love my friends!" "I'm going to go play with my friends!"
Each afternoon she waits for the boys school bus....
When she sees it pull up she screams.. "My Friends are here!!! My Friends are here!!" "Oh Never-mind, it's just my brothers."
Otis is her best friend, and she tells him that all of the time.
She has packed her "pack-pack" and has decided she is going to have a sleep-over at Barry the Bee's house (from the Bee Movie) She is going to eat at his house, sleep at his house and take a shower, It's all planned out.
I heard her talking this afternoon in her room, I crept to the door to find her having a very involved, very detailed conversation about shoes with a jar full of love-bugs.
and then there are her favorite Superman Underoo's worn backwards of course......
Yep, she may need to get out more.
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Jenn said...

How cute!

Rhea said...

ROFL. Great look the little pink foreman has going there.

One of my kids used to wear all his clothing backwards. He would get upset if I tried to turn things back the right way...strange, I know, but I think he's finally grown out of it...

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