May 18, 2008

Speed Photography

I went to spend a few days with the Man-of-My-Dreams at his Man-Town this week-end.
One of the reasons I like going there is to look around and take pictures. He is on the coast. The same coast that Hurricane Rita destroyed a little over 2 years ago.
So much of it is now raw marsh/swamp land.
It's sad and beautiful all at one time.
Sad, because you can see where all of the houses once stood sheltering their families.
And beautiful because it's gone back to raw nature.

I decided I wanted to drive around a bit and try to get a few good shots of the wildlife in the area. I especially wanted to get a few shots of Gators. They are everywhere!
The sweet Man-of-my-Dreams told me he would drive so I could take pictures.
How sweet, I thought to myself.

This is how the day went....

Me = Oh Oh Oh There is a gator!!
Him = Take a picture!

believe it or not there was a gator there....
but taking a picture while leaning out of the window of a truck thats flying down the road at 60+ mph is not as easy as it sounds!
Me = Honey.. slow down please!
Him = I did... I'm only going 59 now.

There were some really pretty birds and turtles in this shot..
But, you'll just have to take my word on that!

Don't worry, he redeemed himself....

More on that soon!

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