May 14, 2008

Young Men Folk are strange.

See this guy? We call him Worker #2.
His sole purpose in life of late has been to drive me crazy with his hair.
He wanted nothing more than to grow it longer and to get rid of the curl. (I, of course LOVE the curl)
The main thing he wanted for Christmas was a hair straightening iron.
You see, we always had all of the young men folk keep their hair short and neat.
As worker #1 & #2 entered High School, we told them that they could grow their hair longer IF they kept it out of their face and it was relatively neat.

Well... the longer his hair got, the happier he was.
It started getting in his eyes, yesterday I told him it was time for a trim.
Oh the horror!
It was just getting the way he wanted it!!
He was dreading the hair cut.

He came home from school.
No attitude, no anger...
and did THIS!

I asked him why he felt the need to cut it all off...

I just felt like it was his reply.

And we girls are hormonal and impulsive?

Oh well.. I like it!... (even without his curls)

You probably shouldn't tell him that though.... it's SO NOT cool to have your mom like your hair ya know!

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Rhea said...

Oh, so sad, those curls were awesome! Don't tell me young men do weird stuff like this...I have two young boys and I'm hoping we won't have to deal with any moodiness or hormones...(and yes, I'm in denial, I know. )

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