Jun 15, 2008

Depression & Blueberry Buckle!

See this moist, luscious Blueberry Buckle?
It's yummyness on a plate.
It captures fresh summer blueberries and turns it into one of my favorite treats.
Today was a happy/depressing/proud/pouting kind-of a day.
Why? you ask...

Well... My first born... Worker #1, turns 16 years old today.
I am the mother of a 16 year old boy!

To make things worse....
I am the mother of a 16 year old boy who is in "love" for the first time.
His girlfriend "M" is totally sweet, totally cute, and they make a very good couple.
She is the kind of girl I would have picked for him, amazingly enough.

But... But... I am SOOO not ready for this!!!

I was not ready to walk in and find them smooching today.
I was not ready to hear him say "I love you" before they hung up the phone.
I was not ready to have him like her birthday present more than mine.
I was not ready to watch her get the last long hug before he left to work for the summer instead of me.
And.. I certainly was not ready to see that lone tear roll down his beautiful cheek knowing it was because he was going to miss her and instead of me!

Here is the happy couple

For a brief moment in time today I had my baby boy back.

He wanted Blueberry Buckle for his birthday cake,
for a moment he was once again my cute baby boy with the big hazel eyes looking up at me with blueberry smudged on his cheek, smiling and telling me I was the Bestest Cook in the world.

This is the recipe that can take you back in time and make you smile. Enjoy!!

This is a copy of my actual dirty from use recipe card. I'm not sure if it'll be large enough to read, so I'll add it to the recipe box (under sweet stuff) first thing in the morning and come back here with a link...

Until then, I'm going to bed to dream of my sweet baby boy, the child who made me a mother, The child who makes me proud every day with the man he is becoming, the child who taught me what true love was really all about.

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Anonymous said...

That was beautiful.
I'm gonna go call my mom!


Anonymous said...

Kids growing up...
It is bittersweet isn't it?
Good job Mom!


Jenn said...

That was sweet, my oldest turned 15 in feb then 4 days later I had my baby,I must be crazy! I have never walked in on the kissing or heard the I love you thank goodness but she does spend hours on the phone and computer talking to him!

Anonymous said...

hey mommy i really like this blog. how did i show you wat true love was? well i would wright more but gota go to kevins>
love your baby boy,

Dana (The Homesteading Housewife) said...

How did you show me what true love was??

Well, You turned me from a starry-eyed kinda dumb young woman into a Mother... Someday when you have kids (a long looooong time from now!!)You'll understand. There is no greater, no stronger, more pure, or more everlasting love on earth than the love a parent has for their child.

You were the first one to come into my life to allow me to experience it.

Love you....

Dana (The Homesteading Housewife) said...

Oh and Craig...
lets work on your spelling! Remember you are not texting on your phone, use some real words! lol
just had to act like Mom for a second so ya wouldnt miss me. ;)

Dana (The Homesteading Housewife) said...

and Jenn! WOW I thought I was crazy!! Your braver than I am! Do you still have all of your hair? ;)

thanks for the comments...
I burst into song when I get comments.... (not something ya wanna hear!)

Anonymous said...

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