Jun 24, 2008

Cook the PERFECT steak!!! (cooking Tip)

I am from Texas. (ok.. well I wasn't born here... but I got here as fast as I could! gimmie a break will ya?)

And, as anyone from Texas will tell you, We take our steaks and other red meats very seriously.
Cook at steak wrong and they'll kick you plum out of the state!

When I was on the Wife Swap TV show, I had to throw a swanky dinner party the first night. I cooked steaks. They all asked... "How did you get each steak cooked so perfectly?!?"

I taught them this little handy trick.
Follow these simple tips and you'll cook the perfect steak each and every time!

The first rule of cooking steak is do not puncture it!!

Don't fiddle with it and poke it with a fork or cut into it with a knife checking for doness. Puncturing the meat only allows the juices to run OUT of the meat.. juices are goooood, we want em in there! Use tongs for cryin out loud!

Season it and cook it as you wish....
I prefer a good wood fire. HOT to sear it on both sides.
But after you get that far, how do you know how done it is without cutting into it to look??

I do it all by feel.
wanna know how to feel your steak like a pro?
Here we go.

Lay your hand on the table....
Let it relax.
with your other index finger... feel the meaty part of your hand.
This is what a Rare steak feels like.

Now, take your index finger and let it join up with your thumb making a circle,
not flat like this picture. (think like an OK sign).
Feel it again...
This is what Medium-Rare feels like.

Now... do the same thing with your thumb and middle finger...
Yep, you guessed it!
This is what Medium feels like!
(easy huh?)

Thumb and ring finger?
You got it!
This is what Medium-Well feels like!

Put your thumb and pinkie fingers together.
This is what a Well-Done steak feels like!

Wasn't that easy??
A little practice and you'll be cooking steaks to perfection every darn time! (just like a Texan!)

Go forth and Grill baby!!
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Jenn said...

That's a neat trick , when were you on wife swap ? Where was the other family from and did you ever talk to them again or were they one of those crazy ones you couldn't wait to get away from?

legendaryabundance said...

Hey - cool trick! I wish I'd know this one when we had our cafe!

Do you know we went for a steak out the other night and after getting shoe leather steaks twice in a row (and I hate to send stuff back - eek!) The manager came out and said "it's impossible to get a medium steak" - gee why do they offer it?! tee hee - oh well - I know better than to expect great steak out - for that we have to cook at home :)

Anonymous said...

What a cool tip!!!

More tips please!!
Not all of us can cook as good as you!
Share the wisdom Master. We're not worthy.. but do it anyway. lol

Tina - NY

Anonymous said...

I gotta try that! Thanks! No more over cooked steaks for me!

Anonymous said...

So simple! How is it that I have never heard this before?? Thanks for sharing this tip!

Anonymous said...

Ok that is how I have been cooking a steak forever. And it does work
every time. By the way your hair looks GREAT !!!!!!!!

raccoonlover1963 said...

I would have never thought of anything like that. My husband is actually the steak griller around here and he always cuts it to check if it's done. It may have good flavor, but it's always a bit dry. I'll have to tell him about your little trick.

Anonymous said...

How cool is THAT?!?

now I must go make a steak!

P.price said...

Very cool...as a native Texan...well, I'll claim you're a Texan--especially with such good tips!

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