Jun 25, 2008

100 Things (21-30)

21.) Go to a Murder Mystery dinner theater thingie. (you know... go to a fancy dinner party, someone gets "murdered" and you help solve the crime? I'd be great at this! I am a Forensic Files junkie, not to mention that in high school my BFF Marlene and I could find anyone anytime!! We ROCKED!! altho.. today I think they call it stalking.. hmmm)

22.) Go to a Renaissance Festival all dressed up in Ren garb. (We go every year and I love Love LOVE it! I wanna dress the part... but Boy Howdy is that stuff expensive!)

23.) Learn how to cook Asian Food well.

24.) Go deep sea fishing with worker #1 and the Man-of-my-Dreams.

25.) See all of my short people graduate school and become happy, healthy, productive adults.

26.) Rock my grand-babies in my rocker on my front porch. (Years and YEARS from now!!!)

27.) Build a pig pen that my pigs can NOT break out of!

28.) Get solar power for the house. (at least partially or as back-up)

29.) Build a commercial kitchen so I can sell more Amish Peanut-butter and jams/jellies/fruit butters.

30.) Grow a field of sunflowers. (I just love em!)
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Anonymous said...

I too want to go to a murder mystery dinner but my husband would not like it. I wish I lived closer.. we would have a girls night out! I bet we'd have a blast!

Terry in VA

Bethany said...

I want solar power too! But I think the large pine trees that keep me from seeing our house on Google Earth would also stop the solar panels from working properly.

Not to mention the initial expense! :o)

- your spoiled rotten, "city girl" little sister

dykewife said...

bran says that you're going to have to live forever when it comes to building a pig pen that your pigs won't escape from. he found that concept highly amusing. his uncle peter still hasn't managed that feat. :)

Jenn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jenn said...

Great list, I just added the ticker to my blog too!

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