Jun 18, 2008

You might be a Homesteading Housewife If.... (part 9)

You call no less than three people to excitedly tell them that the BLT you just ate for lunch was 100% home-made. (your home-grown maters, home-made bread, home-grown lettuce, and home-grown bacon! Yummmm!)... and yes, they did think I was strange to be that excited.

Your back yard needs mowed.... but you want to save some of that super-duper-expensive gas, so you just let the cows out in the yard for awhile. (THAT got me some strange looks from the UPS man!)

You forget to water your roses and other pretty flowers and they die... but would never forget your tomatoes need a drink.

You dig up the pretty dead rose bushes and replace them with veggies = edible landscaping.

You install a home security camera system, NOT to guard your home from buglers and bad-guys... But so you can watch your turkeys at night and save em from predators.

You are more excited to get to play with your new dehydrator than you were to drive your first car!

Your kids run past the sparkling clean swimming pool to take a dip in the dirty fishing pond.

You step out of the shower.... only to find your donkey watching you through the bathroom window, and it doesn't bother you one bit.
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Bethany said...

Your spoiled rotten, "big city", little sister doesn't think you're strange for getting excited about a homegrown BLT. Even though she would have enjoyed it quite as much. :o)

Well, minus the "T", she would have loved it!

Cherrymomma said...

Oh that last one about knocked me out of my chair. That's hilarious! I can just picture it! HAHAHA! Thanks for the laugh!!!

raccoonlover1963 said...

Hello Dana. My name is Lisa. This is my first visit to your blog. I found it through pioneer woman's blog. You have a great blog and a great sense of humor. I have just started blogging. So far, I am having fun with it.
Keep up the good work!

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