Jun 19, 2008

Hairstyling on the Homestead!

Remember Jack?
Sweet eyes, loving spirit, Jack?
Jack is pretty.
Jack is sweet.
Jack is a good donkey.
Jack likes treats.
Jack discovered my pony-tail
sticking out of the back of my head today.
So I'm now sporting a cute stylish short bob hair style.
Thank goodness I found a great real-person hair-stylist to fix it.
and I like it!
Thanks Jack!
I would have never had the guts to do it myself.
But maybe.... I'll skip the slobber next time.
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Jenn said...

Oh my ! That would have scared me , when he chomped my hair!

Bethany said...

Maybe if you didn't let your donkey watch you shower, it wouldn't have happened! :o)

That being said, I like the new 'do!

- your spoiled rotten, "big city" little sister

Anonymous said...

OMG! For real! Your donkey CHOMPED off your hair?! Did that hurt?--WW Steph

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