Jun 20, 2008

Just when I thought I couldn't get more shallow...

I told you yesterday about my Donkey who decided he was gonna try his hand , er hoof, er TEETH, at being my new hairdresser.
I went from long hair that I haven't done more than snip spit ends off of for the past 9 years,
to having a super-cute curly bob that almost brushes my shoulders.

I had been growing my hair long. But I really don't know why. Yes it was long, but I really didn't DO anything with it. I found myself pulling it back into a pony-tail or a headband almost daily. It was long, yes, but not pretty because there was sooo much of it!I have very thick very curly hair.
I love my hair, but man oh man it took forever to dry,
it took loads of work to keep from becoming a tangled rats nest.

This morning I woke up, went to the mirror and it's still cute!
It looks healthy!
It moves & is bouncy!
It's feminine!
It's flirty!
I still like it!

Isn't it funny how something as little as a new hair style can affect your mood?

I have a new spring in my step, I got up, got dressed, fiddled with my hair (even tho it really didn't even need it!) instead of staying in my nightgown while doing my morning chores.
I feel like Jack chomped more than just my hair yesterday, he chomped off the tired football mom/dirty farm girl-who-doesn't-care-about-how she-looks too!

Now... don't expect me to collect eggs wearing a ball gown. or refuse to run to the mailbox without full on war paint, or stop working in the garden for fear of ruining my expensive manicure. But maybe, just maybe I won't scare the mail-man when he comes down the drive!

The Man-of-My-Dreams is still unsure of what he'll think, he is working out of town and won't see me until this week-end. He, of course, loved long hair (what is it with men and long hair? I know.. It's sexy, It's pretty.... but ,at least for me, more often than not it was just in a pony-tail or pulled back not flowing sexily and cascading over my shoulders.)
I'm thinkin that having his perky wife who actually found a way out of her frumpy, funky rut will be even better!
We shall see.
Until then, I am enjoying my new do! (you didn't see it, but I said that with a very cute flip of my hair!)
So.... You in a funk? You in a rut? Do something for yourself! Change something! I'm not saying that everyone should go out and do something as drastic as letting their livestock eat their hair.... But hey.. if thats what it takes......

You'll be glad ya did!

Edited to add...
ok... ok ... OK!! after no less than 18 e-mails I thought about adding a picture of my new do.
As you know I do not like to have my picture taken, I know it sounds weird. I was on TV for cryin out loud! But thats the truth.. I hate having my picture taken.

At first I was SHOCKED that I was even entertaining the thought of taking my own picture.

Then, I was kinda dazed and almost passed out.

Then I decided that I would need some courage and took out a bottle of homemade wine and drank it.. all. *hiccup* And I decided..
NOPE not gonna put a picture of my big ole butt on here.
You'll just have to deal with it.
Sorry, my site.. my rules.
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12 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

bako1964 said...

Ok, I want to see a picture of your hair, before and after. I too had long hair and got SICK of the ponytail...plus it gave me headaches. I need to change my profile pic to show my MUCH shorter doo. Enjoy the blog, keep up the good work.

Dana (The Homesteading Housewife) said...

hmmm we'll see bout the pic lol I do sooo much better behind the camera! I'll get one of the kids to take a pic when they get home.. till then, this is the cut we decided on. But my hair is curlier.


Liz said...

Amen sister! Shorter hair changed my life. :)

Deirdre said...

I have the same problem! I've grown my hair long, and it's thick and curly, and all I do is put it in a ponytail.

I had dreams of doing updos once it was long, but it turns out updos need bobby pins and hair care product and really? do I have time for all that?

My husband also loves my hair long. Sometimes I wake up and can't move because he's sleeping on it. hee hee Sometimes I think that's cute but mostly I think "ouch" and "I need to get up! Get off my hair!"

So I think I want to get it cut to a cute bob.

I came here via Pioneer Woman, btw. Yours was the first message with a link!

bako1964 said...

WAY CUTE!!! I love the curl....I do that to mine except I use a curling iron. My dh has a name for it, but I won't say it "on air". tee hee.....He likes it frumpy...just got out of bed look, kwim?

dykewife said...

you know, i'm thinking that some people would pay a lot of money to see you collect eggs while wearing a formal gown...a tiara would be a nice touch too, :)

Jenn said...

It's cute! I hate having my picture taken too,that's why you see everything and everyone else on my blog.

Shamelessly Sassy said...

oh, I like it! I always feel better after getting a new hairstyle

m~ said...

I love your hair! Mine is curly too. What is it about men and long hair!?! I think yours looks great.

Anonymous said...

Mom. You really need to take these pictures down. They don;t look like you! You look stoned! lol I love you!


Dana (The Homesteading Housewife) said...

Ummm Craig Darling?
Explain to me how exactly you would even know what soneone who was stoned looked like?? hmmmm?


Anonymous said...

I am SO glad that my wife hasn't surprised me with a haircut in 10 years. I LOVE long hair on her, and virtually all women.

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