Jun 22, 2008

Reasons he is the Man-of-My-Dreams (birthday edition)

I just got home from visiting the Man-of-My-Dreams in Man Town .
Today is his Birthday!!
It really kinda stinks that he is still working out of town on his special day.
But the Little-Foreman-in-Pink, Worker #2 and I got to go stay with him.

The men got to do some fishing. To celebrate, we all went out to eat at a fancy-schmancy restaurant and then he got to watch his races on TV in peace. (that almost NEVER happens!!)
I tell ya... we are super exciting!

Reasons he is the Man-of-My-Dreams (Birthday edition)

He told me my new hair-cut was beautiful, even though I know he prefers it long.

The one thing he really wanted for his Birthday was a visit from us. (not a night out drinking and partying with the guys.. but a nice boring visit from his frumpy wife and dirty kids! What a guy!)

He is getting better with age!
I tell ya ladies... that man can make me tingle and sprout goose-bumps and go weak in the knees even more today than the day we met! **swoon**
(and, yes, I can say that.. we are married.. it's legal... I tingle in a family-friendly kinda way. Deal with it..)

He still holds the door open for me.

He wakes up and covers me with the blanket at night when I am cold. (right before he kicks me for snoring because when I'm in Louisiana my allergies go crazy and I can't breathe!!)

Happy Birthday Baby!!
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Bethany said...

Are you sure that you *only* snore in LA??

Sorry, I'm the little sister. I have to make annoying comments like that. :o)

- your spoiled, city-girl, little sister

PS - Had a great time @ your house this evening!

Dana (The Homesteading Housewife) said...

You know what Little-Sister-of-mine?

I think I may feel an embarrassing moment story coming on....
Only I'm thinking I may just have to make it a story bout my little sister....

hmmmm whatcha think??

Anonymous said...

You two are too cute!!
I wanna find the man of mMY dreams too! Does he have a brother???

Shelly in Tx

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