Jul 18, 2008

Dumb Mom Moment #118

Super-Duper-Smart Worker #4 comes to me all excited because he finally figured out what he wanted to be when he grew up.

Him = "Mom... I am going to be an astronomer and work at NASA."

Me = "That's Great Honey! You can call me each morning and tell me if I need to take an umbrella with me!"

Astronomy = The study of space.
Meteorology = the study of the weather.

NOT the same thing.

Just when I think I'm the most dumbest I can be... I manage to top it! **sigh**
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Anonymous said...

Don't sell yourself or your 'worker' short!. This reminds me of a story my Dad tells. Years ago, he had a high school kid working for him, that was so slow. It would take him 3x as long as anyone else to complete a task. Dad used to worry about this kid, wondering what EVER would this 'poor kid' amount to in life. Years later, they met again, and guess what.......He IS a ROCKET SCIENTIST. When the space shuttle is a little off course on re-entry, HE's the one they call on to fix it. Since I'm no rocket scientist, I don't even know the terms, but, yes, he did work for NASA. According to Dad's description, he's probably the one that never remembers an umbrella too.

Jenn said...

Oh we all have those moments! Living with kids tends to do that to ya!

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