Jul 14, 2008

Dumb Mom Moment #287

The Man-of-My-Dreams and worker #2 were sitting in the living room watching TV, I walked in and asked them "Whatcha watching?"...
We are watching the "Olympic swimming Trials." they replied.

"Ohh I love this stuff! I didn't think it started for a few more months!?!
I sat down to watch the end of a race with them.....
I was a good fan.. I cheered em on... and admired their strength and grace.

When the scores were posted, I kinda got a little bit excited.
The top 10 were all from the USA!!
WOW We ROCK!! Whoo Hoooo! Go Team!!!!
I yelled and jumped right up out of my seat.

Then I noticed that no one else in the room was cheering...
They were all looking at me like I had suddenly grown a second head!

Um.... Yeah... the trials are made up of only Americans trying to win a spot on the USA Olympic team.
oops ...Duh...

My bad.....
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Bethany said...


I LOVE the Olympics and am very excited to own a Tivo so I can watch every second of this year's games.

And I'm proud to say that I watched all 8 days of swimming trials and am cheering on Michael Phelps with the rest of 'em!

- your spoiled rotten, "city girl" (AND birthday girl), little sister

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