Jul 27, 2008

I'm Scared.

I spent all day doing Batch Cooking yesterday..
I made several King Ranch Chicken Casseroles..
A mountain of Chicken Pot Pies..
and did the prep work for today's Pirogi Lasagne's.

Something you may not know about me....
I am a messy cook.
Not a little bit messy..
I can DISTROY a kitchen quicker than most people can blink. Seriously!

So, the kitchen was not looking very good last evening...
You couldn't see the sink under the mountain of dirty dishes..
The counters were barely visible beneath the spills, and cutting boards, and onion skins.
it wasn't pretty... it was down right frightening!
It was just about the perfect moment for my mother-in-law to drop by. (she didn't tho! whew)

Anyway.... I decided that , after all my work, I deserved a little break before I started cleaning (ugh).
So, I poured myself a nice glass of wine...
Worker #2 was watching some really stupid movie on TV, so I plopped down on my bed to watch Forensic Files on TV (I am a forensic Files junky), then I would clean the kitchen.

Well.. I guess I was tired, because I just woke up! (5:45am) oops!
I stretched, turned off the TV, peeled off my dirty clothes (that I slept in!)
And stumbled into the kitchen to brew some coffee.

I was a little bit worried that I wouldn't be able to find the coffee maker through the ruins of my kitchen.
Not to mention the fact that now I may never know who killed the plastic surgeon that was on Forensic Files!!!

I managed to find the coffee pot with my eyes closed and as the wonderful smell of fresh brewed coffee filled my senses I began to wake up...
My eyes opened.
I looked around....
Rubbed my eyes....
Blinked several times.
Not believing what my eyes were seeing.....
I rubbed my eyes again...
Then I took the pot of coffee and actually poured in into my eyes...
Yep... things still looked the same as when I first opened my eyes....

My kitchen is spotless!!
I don't mean the dishwasher was clean.. I mean my kitchen is spotless!
Clean! I could eat in here! ... oh never-mind.. thats what it's for....
But it is perfectly clean!!
No dirty dishes in the sink! No food bits stuck to the counter tops. No burnt on bits on the stove.

Whats going on here???

what does Worker #2 want?
Yep... I'm kinda scared.

Oh Dear Lord.....
The Living Room is clean too!!

I may be in trouble.
Pray for me.
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Amy said...

Uh Oh!!! Yes, you could DEFINITELY be in trouble.

Wonder what he's wanting that he now likely thinks he'll get ;-)

Krissy said...

BWAHAHAHAHAH! LOLOLOL .... LOLOLOLOL .... I can't even stop laughing .... lol I can't wait for my little workers to get old enough that I can make them do chores... And like you, I can destroy a kitchen in the wave of my hand. Well, and the entire house for that matter. Unfortunately for me, my MIL HAS come by during those times (well, cause it's pretty constant) and she cleaned for me... Not good. Can't wait to find out what's in it for Worker #2! LOL

Meggin said...

WOW!!! I think I'd be scared too. Its either "What does he want?" or "What did he do?"!! Can't wait to find out. And I'm loving these recipes. I don't have to make any where near as much, but I'm keeping this in mind for the next time I'm pregnant and for when friends have babies!

Athy said...

LOL!!! Yeah, watch out for those clever kiddies!! I'm sure their gears are a turnin'! You're so funny :D

Dana (The Homesteading Housewife) said...

well... I found out the problem.
and he SHOULD be cleaning my house!

Mom falls asleep...
son gets on her computer.....
and gets a..... shall we say female anatomy lesson via pictures.

yes.. I know it's "normal" blah blah blah....
Stupid enough to get caught... stupid enough to have to listen to mom lecture you about porn.

we have a very open household here... I answer any and all questions they have the guts to ask...

I see he is still curious...
so I got out the "how babies are made" book (made for like 6 yr olds) and he read it to me! lol

I am mean, I know I know.
the almost 16 yr old man was not impressed... so I explained that I was equally not impressed when I went to Google a recipe for lemon bars and saw his search terms listed below mine!

he got the point.

but hey... my house is clean!
and he felt guilty enough about it to clean! lol thats a good thing

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