Jul 8, 2008

Never thought I'd say THIS again.

I went to the feed store this morning.
Nothing too exciting bout that, these critters of mine eat a lot!

I walked into the feed store and was greeted by the way too beautiful and classy to be living out here in the sticks Lady who owns the place.

"I need some sperm" I said
I have 5 kids.... Why on earth would I ask for sperm?
Have I lost my mind?
From the moment that I begged the Dr to cut my over-productive fallopian tubes out of my body I have not given sperm another thought.
But here I was.. asking for sperm.
The Man-of-My-Dreams IS working out of town you know!
A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! (oh he's gonna LOVE reading THIS post!)

"What kind of sperm are you looking for?" she asked.
(like this is something that everyone in the world comes in and asks for)

"I need some Holstein sperm". I answered

You see, Hershey (the smarter-than-your-average-cow) is in season, she is moooo'ing like crazy, but I wouldn't really call it Mooo'ing,

Have you ever watched National Geographic when they do a special on Walruses?
You know that sound that a giant Walrus makes when it is dying, or full of gas, or some other terrible thing?
Yeah.. she sounds like that.

Anyway.... she gave me some ideas of where to look and took a business card so she could call me when she finds me some sperm.

I love living in the country...
My strangeness shocks no one here.
I may shock myself sometimes...
But no one else seems to mind.
It's great!
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4 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

Anonymous said...

LOL you crack me up!
I sooo wish I lived near you!
Any chance you might be single anytime soon? ;)


ann said...

NEVER is a word one should not use. Ever.

Anonymous said...

Hey now Jerry! Get in line!
I'm next after the man of her dreams!


Anonymous said...

Havnt you guys seen the man of her dreams? I wouldnt mess with him!

Keep up the great work Dana!


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