Jul 28, 2008

Oh Crap! What Am I Gonna Do?!?!?!?

I have been doing a lot of batch cooking this week, filling up the freezer with home made dishes to make on Lazy-I-Don't-Feel-Like-Cooking , or I'm-a-Slacker-and-forgot-to-defrost-anything kinda nights.

Something just dawned on me.....
Someday I won't have 5 kids living here...
Someday I won't have 5 ravenous men to feed....
Someday it will just be the Man-of-My-Dreams and I.
(if he's lucky and I don't bump him off for annoying me)

What am I gonna do then?
I don't know how to cook "normal" sized meals!
I cannot remember the last time I cooked anything that wasn't doubled or tripled to feed my crew!
I honestly don't think I even own a small sized pot or pan!
Not one stinkin frying pan under 12 inched across! (and that is my smaller one!)
All I have are the super-duper Humongous sized cooking vessels.

My Crock-Pot is the size of most people's bathtubs.
My soup stock pot is what most people use to fry whole turkeys in!
My casserole dish is a 16 inch wide cast iron dutch oven! (I wash it in the bathtub!!)
A 13x9 lasagna? HA! I use a roasting pan that can hold a 22lb turkey!
My Pitcher of Sweet Tea is 5 gallons with a nozzle, cause there is no way to lift the sucker when it's full!
I have never made an omelet that required less than 18 eggs!
My "Normal" meatloaf starts with 8lbs of ground beef!
When I make grilled cheese for the family I use two whole loaves of Texas size sandwich bread!
I cook my spaghetti noodles in a pot that covers TWO burners on my stove!
Mashed potatoes are made with no less than 10lbs of taters!
When I cook burgers I fill the whole bottom of my smoker (the smaller one made from a 55 gal drum) w/ charcoal to fit em all over the fire.
Our usual smoker is made out of an old 150 gal propane tank!!!

what am I gonna do?
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dykewife said...

never fret, never fear
care packages for your kids
will always be here.

you may not have 5 men to cook for, but eventually you will be sending care packages up with college students and young adults just starting out on their voyage called adulthood.

then, as they settle down into their own lives, there will be hordes of grandchildren to prepare for.

not only that, but you and your hubby (assuming you haven't buried him in the goat pen) will want to spend more time together so pre-prepared meals will be all the more important.

so, you see? you'll be mass cooking for a long, long, long time.

Bethany said...

You can give it to your sister. She'll probably have just started her family by the time yours are grown and gone (at least at the pace she's going right now)!

And even if she doesn't, she misses your cooking. :o)

- your spoiled-rotten, "city girl", little sister

Anonymous said...

You'll figure it out. Don't worry. But after cooking for a big family for years, I know it is hard to pare it down. Margie

Anna said...

It sounds like you are cooking for many more than just 5 hungry men.
How, may I ask, do you flip an omolette containing 18 eggs? Or is it more like a breakfast casserole?

I'll make a deal with ya. WHEN it's time to pare down on the cooking, invite ME to spend a week with you, and I will bring you a brand new set of 'regular' sized calphalon pans. Deal?

Jenn said...

Well you could give stuff to your kids and their families or you could send things to me !

Dana (The Homesteading Housewife) said...

Anna... You got a deal!

oh the the flipping? you use two pans! when your ready to flip.. invert the second pan on top oif the first and flip the whole darn thing.... :)

Andrea said...

You need to think it a bit differently, me thinks ;-)

Think what are you going to do with all the money you will save when you don't have to cook for a hungry army of men.

Outnumbered2to1 said...

You start a down home catering business. Take a small portion for you and your husband then head off to the next event. You'll get paid and you won't have to worry about buying smaller pans.
I'll take 5% off the top and the dedication in your next ccookbook as a 'thank you';)

looney said...

Start your own Meals on Wheels?
Turn your homestead into a B & B?
Adopt more kids?
Give your son's wives fertility drugs so you get grandchildren right away?

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