Aug 6, 2008

Thongs. (rant of the day)

Am I the last person on Earth who doesn't wear these?
I tried em, and found them uncomfortable.
I suppose that the fact my Butt is larger than most may have something to do with it.

But what I don't get is I thought thongs were originally made to eliminate the dreaded pantie-line.
If that is the case... why Oh Dear Lord WHY do people wear them so they can bee seen sticking out of the top of their pants?
Is this supposed to be sexy?
Is a bright pink thong popping out of the top of your jeans a "pretty" thing?

It says "LOOK! I'm Wearing a Thong!!"
How is this different than seeing pantie-lines and showing people you have on panties?!?!?
One is good.. one is Bad...

ok.. back to our regularly scheduled dribble.
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Evelyn said...

You are sooo not alone. I refuse to wear them, too. A perpetual wedgie is NOT my cup of tea!


Milehimama said...

I'm such a nerd that I didn't realize at first that your post was not about flip-flops (what, am I the only one that calls those things thongs too? )

I totally wear granny panties too.

Jenn said...

I also hate them. If I'm wearing pants or a skirt tight enough to result in panty lines, I need a size larger.

My daughter (16) insists EVERYONE else wears them. I find it so hard to believe there are moms out there who are buying their teenage daughters thongs or g-strings! Until she buys her own undies, I get to pick 'em. :P

countrygirl3031 said...

I won't wear them either...may as well have a piece of string between your butt!! I too wear the granny panties...but I don't care, they're comfortable!


LadyCiani said...

My mom says if a piece of clothing is so tight you have to wear a thong underwear to not show panty lines, then the clothing is too tight.

I admit to wearing them on special dress-up occasions, but they are no more comfortable than special dress-up shoes.

And I agree that seeing underwear over the top of pants is horrible. They make special low-cut underwear to fit under low-cut jeans/shorts.

The male version of underwear over the pants ("sagging") is just as disgusting. Plus? if you shove a man who is sagging, he's likely to fall over because he can't move his legs enough to recover.

Andrea said...

Hey Milehimama, I thought flip flops too!

To me, this is such a stupid fashion statement... like bra straps showing... only the latter may happen by accident, while shopping for thongs that match your outfit because you intend to show them off...

And those of you who have male kids may appreciate this experience:
Imagine public office, long queue. Standing some feet before me, middle aged woman, mother of two. Thong showing, low waisted slacks. Now she bends over to pick her younger one. Mooning the rest of us. Outcome: young boys around have their eyes pooping out, lower jaw dangling...
Oh well. Childhood experiences they will cherish for ever, I guess.
Me, I don't apreciate other gals thongs nor cheeks.

Paula said...

A comic I saw said it best ... "I've spent a lifetime trying to keep my underwear from bunching up in there; why would I purposefully put it there?"

'Nuff said!

Anonymous said...

I at first thought flip flops too. But I agree. They are so uncomfortable. Low rise or granny panties for me too. Margie

dykewife said...

hey, i'm old enough that when i hear "thong" i think of feet, not butts. for me, thongs shall ever be that that cute summer footwear with the strap between the toes.

the underwear...that's just butt floss. quality underwear doesn't ride up and give panty lines. i find butt floss straps above jeans to be as sexy as men's underwear above their pant line...translation? ick!

Jenni said...

I got such a giggle out of Andrea's mooning story. lol

I agree with all of you, no butt floss here! My oldest dd tells me her stepmom will wear nothing but thongs. Ewwww!

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize that I shared a sentiment with the comic that Paula saw, but I will pay extra to get undies that DON'T end up 'there'

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