Sep 17, 2008

"After Ike" Day 5.

The Man-of-My-Dreams and the boys have gotten a lot done! The yard is actually starting to look a little bit "normal" except for the fact that we can see through the woods now because of all the downed trees.

I spent the day driving my convertible (riding lawn mower). I was worried about the kids and snakes with the grass and leaf debris so high.

Had a great dinner of home-made chicken & noodles. Thank goodness I love cooking over a fire!

More and more neighbors are making their way back to their homes...
I see their blank stares and know exactly what they are feeling... Shock, amazement, then the sheer feeling overwhelmed with the task at hand made even more difficult by the lack of power, fuel, Ice and in most cases.. food.

Over the years I have had several people ask why I stock so much food. Why I can, why I dehydrate, why I cook in bulk. Thank Goodness I do!
We may be in a tight spot, it may be hard right now, but we will not be hungry!

We were able to get the generator hooked up to the water well yesterday.
I have running water!!
My water heater is gas so we also have HOT water! Whoo hoo!! that makes all the difference in the world!

Today also dealt us a a pretty devastating blow...
The fuel pump decided to die on the Suburban.
It is the only vehicle that will whole our whole family.
A new fuel pump is gonna be between $300 & $400. OUCH!!
When it rains, it pours.

The one thing that we could have been more prepared for was the amount of cash in hand thats needed in a situation like this.

Evacuating costs a lot of $!
The few stores that did re-open are operating without power..
It's cash only!
and even though we use the generator as little as possible, the gas costs a pretty penny. IF you can find any.

Oh well... maybe they will have ice somewhere today.
That will make me happy!

Have a great Day y'all! Stay safe!

Edited to add... A train just rumbled past our farm. They got the tracks cleared! Maybe this means supplies are making their way to us too! an Ice train sounds great!!

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Traci said...

I'm still praying for you....and hoping it stays cool there.

Anonymous said...

I still here checking on you. Actually, several times a day. Sounds like you guys are working hard. Briskets 'bout ready? :) I'm sorry about your vehicle. Hopefully, with the trains moving in your area does indeed mean maybe you can get supplies. I'll be back later today. Stay safe yourselves. Margie

Signe said...

We do food storage stuff too...I know someday it will come in handy. But the money tip is a great idea. Hope all gets fixed for you soon!

Anonymous said...


The Pastoral Princess said...

My prayers are with ya darlin' Uggggghhh I can only imagine!

Wendy said...

Girl, if you don't have ice by this weekend, I'm coming over there to bring it myself! That is just ridiculous that they haven't been around with ice yet.
I sure hope it stays cool for ya'll. Looks lihe the humdidity might be heading back in a couple days though. At least it's not blazing like it was before.

Anonymous said...

Whoo Hoo, hot water and ice. Thank goodness. But can't you make coffee outside too? Margie

kystorms said...

I am simply amazed that the 'tone' of your voice in your post is so calm. I will keep you and your family and everyone else affected by this storm in my prayers

god bless

Shannon@Vogue Mum said...

You sure are an amazing woman! I hope things keep going up and up for your family!

The Domestic Engineer's Union
Rock Star Maternity

Denise said...

I'm so impressed with your positive attitude. I don't know if I would be so calm. Thanks for the cash on hand tip. Sorry about the fuel pump. Stay well and safe!

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