Sep 17, 2008

mid-day sob.

well... we were soo excited bout getting the generator hooked up to the water well. The pump just died....

First the fuel pump for the Suburban..
Now the water pump to the house....
Not happy at the moment.

But HEY!! I got ice!!!!
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Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to here that you have ice @ least, the rest will work out. Keep the happy thoughts.

Athy said...

*HUG!!!* thank goodness for ice! I'm so sorry for all this mess from Ike that you have thrown in your lap. You're taking it all amazingly better than I would!

It's so hard to see that things will get better when life seems to be dumping on you, I've been having that kind of September too so far, lol.

To sunshine around the corner!

Best wishes to you and yours,


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