Sep 17, 2008

"After Ike" Day 6

Yesterday was a busy day.

--Went searching for a new fuel pump for my Suburban. (no luck yet)
--Burnt up our water well pump.
--Thought I was gonna get thrown in the poky cause I was burning a pile of yard debris. (didn't know they issued a 90 day burn ban..oops!)
--Was told by FEMA that we DO NOT qualify for disaster assistance (whatever that means!)
--And... drum-roll please.. WE GOT ICE!!!

When I went through the line for ice, they also threw a box of MRE's into the back of the truck.
The boys were so excited because they are VERY super-cool ya know!
They ate them for dinner.
They were... um.... well...
Lets just say that I have a brand new respect for our men & women in the service who have to live on these suckers!
I am not complaining... but WOW... have you ever known a 4 yr old who refused to finish more than one bite of a double fudge chocolate brownie? The boys called them camel turds. ;)

For some reason FEMA has decided that we do NOT qualify for disaster assistance. I am confused as to why. But thank goodness we didn't count on them. Sure would be nice tho.. but there are a lot of people who need help more than we do.

The Man-of-My-dreams has to go back to work on Monday... That should be interesting.

We have decided that at no time will we leave the farm un-attended.
People are stealing generators left and right.. some are stolen while they were running!
Our little fire station had two generators running so they can help those who need it the most and some jerk stole them both!

I am learning that in a disaster like this, there are two extreemes.
It can bring out the best in a person...
Or the worst...
I am just hoping that our family will remain positive and hopeful as the time wears on.
So far, so good.... but it's only been 6 days....
There is a looooong way to go.
It's kinda getting old now.

Yesterday was the first time I kinda broke down.
When the water well froze up I had a little bit of a melt-down.
But hey... I'm a girl.. we can cry.... and it made me feel better, I guess.

I have decided that today is gonna be a better day.. Period.
Cause I said so!
Thats why.
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Jennifer said...

You are such a strong woman!!! I would break down too and crying always mskes you feel better :-) You and your family are still in my thoughts and prayers :-)

Anonymous said...

Dana, I just want to cry with you. I've always heard things happen in three's. You should be at your limit plus some by now. And crying is ok. As long as you stop at some point. Know that there are many that are praying for you. I wish I could do something. But there's this thing called distance factor. What kind of well pump do you have? Maybe one can be found somewhere? Keep us posted. Lots of love to you and yours. Margie

Carol said...

Your strength and determination under adversity greatly inspires me and sheds light on my own trivial complaints. Thank you!

Jenn said...

Our well pump burned out last summer...but at least we weren't trying to deal with hurricane damage and no electricity (or ice!) to boot! You are a strong woman. How are the kids doing?

I find it so sad, and a very sad commentary on the human race, that someone would steal generators from a fire station. How absolutely pathetic.

Jenn said...

Stealing from the fire station that's really smart! I'm glad that you are doing ok and I'm sure I would cry at least once a day! That's smart of you I wouldn't be leaving my home unattented either!

Rose said...

This brings to mind what my great grandmother used to say, " This to will pass." But it also brings to mind what I always asked her when she said that, "When." Hang in there girl.

Anonymous said...

I just read you twitter comments. Tempers are flaring at your house or generally in the area? I hope you find Steve. Margie

jrmom said...

I'm praying for you and your family Dana. I was without power and water for about 72 hours up here in Ohio due to Ike, and it was miserable. If there are any items we could send to you and yours please let us know where to send (possibly your church) and consider them coming. I know ice wouldn't make it, but possibly some baked goods you could eat on the go or cleaning supplies, cooking supplies...anything at all just let me know. God's Blessings to you!

Elle said...

We're thinking of you and how hard it must be. Hang in there!

Zip n Tizzy said...

Wow, there's a lot of fire & ice in this post.
Sounds like you're handling the duality well. Hang in there.
I remeber from the '89 earthquake, these things are scary when they're happening, but it's the aftermath that'll get to you. It's just so arduos and exhausting.
Here's hoping things will even out sooner than later.
Wish I could be there to help, but here's a blog hug from afar.

mrsbear said...

Sometimes crying it out can actually make you feel renewed, letting out all the built up tension. Sounds tough, so glad you were able to get ice. Hope you manage to stay safe and theft free. said...

Wow, I sure feel for you. Stealing generators while they're running. That's just wrong! I do hope things get better soon for you. I would've cried too, BTW.

Frontier Mom said...

We're praying for y'all Dana! Let us know how we can help....can we send you a fuel pump? Are any delivery services available there yet?

Hang tough - I know you'll make it and you'll be so much stronger for it!!

Friends in Montana,
Bob & Cynthia

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