Sep 19, 2008

"After Ike" Day 7

It was one week ago today that we evacuated our beloved farm in preparations for hurricane Ike.
It doesn't seem possible that it's been a week.

Things are looking up.
--The fuel pump for the Suburban is fixed.
--Our water pump problem has been solved. (there ARE angels among us!)
--We still have ice and ample food.

There are, of course, still hard times.
--The amazing cool front we have been enjoying is ending.
The Texas heat is coming back.. fun fun fun!
--Worker #4 is getting sick. (No fun to be a sick kid with no power, no TV, no a/c.. no fun!)
--The generator is using a lot of gas to keep our freezer cold. Gas is NOT getting any easier to find, or cheaper to buy when we do find some.
--Worker #1 pulled a muscle in his back and is in agony.
--tempers are getting a little short round here.

The boys spent several hours playing football in the front yard.
Worker #3 spent 7 hours at the fire station helping distribute ice/water.
The Man-of-My-Dreams grilled some wonderful Fajitas for lunch/dinner.
For dessert I taught the boys how to make pop-corn over the fire.. that was "too cool".
We started reading "The Swiss Family Robinson" book tonight.. I seems fitting... Now I'm just waiting for the boys to try to build tree-houses and dig pits to catch the wild animals. ;)

More Soon...
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Angela Moore said...

I'm so glad you guys are doing okay but sorry that you're still having a rough time. All of you hang in there! If there's anything your online friends can do, let us know.

Kat Olivares said...

Great you're doing okay there...

There are some family bonding moments to be had during natural calamities (We grew up with regular floods, house submerged, about 10 times a yr then, we got so used to it my sibs and I managed to have fun).

At least you got a "too cool" moment.

Hope things get better again fast.

(PS. I also tagged you for a meme, shy to tell you because you've got your hands full... Well, take your time, answer when things are a little closer to regular.)

Willow said...

Dana, you just completely blow me away. I have no idea how I would react in your circumstances. I know it must be very difficult but I love how you are working together as a family and that you're making it as much of an adventure as you are. You're certainly building a stronger family unit through all of this. I pray daily that all of you who have suffered with Ike find relief soon.

Traci said...

I know it's hard...but know that I am still praying for you. Thanks for keeping it real for us too far away to fully understand your trauma.

God bless,

dragonfly said...

Glad to hear you are all okay, though things are still rough. We finally just got our power back on here, but will be cleaning up trees for the next month. Hopefully your power comes back VERY Soon!! Until then, hope you find plenty of ice and gas.
Woohoo on having all that food tucked away; it's always worth it. Hope #1 and #4 start feeling better soon. :)

Teena in Toronto said...

Happy blogoversary!

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