Sep 20, 2008

"After Ike" Day 7.5

The wonderful cold front has ended.
the sticky, sweaty, smelly, Texas heat has returned.
We were so lucky to have such wonderful weather the first week we were without power.

I just have to brag on our little family for a bit.
I am so proud of our short people.
They could be cranky, snotty, complaining, fighting, miserable little twerps.
And they would have reason to be!

But instead, they have worked so hard, right beside their Dad and I.
They have ...
chopped wood,
split logs,
stacked wood,
cleared branches,
raked leaves & debris,
fixed fences,
Helped neighbors clean-up,
volunteered at the fire station giving out Ice/water,
and Much more.

Even the young Little-Foreman-in-Pink has worked her cute little butt off this week!
She may be 4 years old...
She may be the only girl...
But she can haul her weight in wood, and she'll do it with a smile!
(I have lots of pics, but can't get them online till power is back.)

I'm not saying that it hasn't been tough.
I'm not saying that we don't wish with all our might for some "normal" to return.
But I think we are doing pretty darn good!

Even under these nasty situations, I still feel like one of the luckiest women in the world!

I have the love of my life by my side... even when it's hard.
I have kids who will roll up their sleeves and work hard when needed.
I have plenty of food.
I have plenty of firewood for cooking.
We have been blessed by the kindness of others.
and.... I have lots of the needed knowledge to be able to "get by" without the modern conveniences that we have all become so dependent on.

don't get me wrong... I want it all back back!
But it's nice to know that we can do without it if needed.

Now.... to figure out how to make and/or store more gas for the generator, Then we'd be all set! ;)

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mrsbear said...

I hope you get your power back soon. Glad to hear your spirits are up.

Designing Hilary said...

Oh my ... you've made me cry.

Your kiddos should get a Congressional Medal of Honor.


Bethany said...

Glad to see the good mood is back! Also - was worker #3 helping too? Must be the lack of electricity for his video games! :o)

- your spoiled-rotten, city-girl, little sister (who finally has power!)

PS - you know I love #3; I just find his penchant for sneaking away from hard work humorous!

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