Sep 4, 2008

Cowboys v's The Asses

Today my Donkeys went to their new home.
Sounds simple huh?
Not quite.

First, the big burly cowboys corner the donkeys.

Then they introduced them to a lead rope...
Still sounds pretty simple huh?

If you don't have a farm or a ranch, you may not know that donkeys who have never been on a lead rope tend to not like it.
The cowboy who is roping him often gets to go for a fun little run.
Sometimes that fun run becomes a not so fun Ride.

This is Jack.
Jack is not impressed and would rather NOT go with the nice burly cowboys into the trailer.

Three big burly rough and tough cowboys v's Jack.
Jack was winning here.

Jack was winning because he is one of those fancy donkeys who came with anti-lock brakes.

After an hour or so of fighting, cursing, sweating, running, pulling, begging, and almost crying, they got Jack into the trailer.

The rough-n-tough cowboys were so excited because they got to do it all over again with Jr.

I got to sit on the sidelines and giggle.
It was fun to watch the rodeo.. and NOT be a part of it for a change.

I'll miss Jack & Jr. But they are going to a great home and will be taken care of very well...
As soon as Mr. Big-n-Burly cowboy forgives him for the wild ride they gave him today.
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The Pastoral Princess said...

LMAO! I have seen this happen many times, it never fails to amuse me. My brother-in-law raises horses and donkeys...the donkeys are by far my favoites! Maybe because I am a stubborn ass myself! ;0)

Zip n Tizzy said...

Now we know which side of the family mules get their stubborn streak from!
They're beautiful.

Traci said...

You have got me crackin' up! You should read the book, One Room School House least I think that is the name. It is a true story of a teacher in western Oklahoma...and she talks about the first MULE rodeo....too funny.

Jennae @ Green Your Decor said...

They do NOT look happy about that series of events. Makes me thankful the only thing I have to wrangle in the morning is my toddler's hair :)

Alissa said...

That is so funny! And what great pictures you have to commemorate the event. :)

Angela Moore said...

The story is great and the pictures make it priceless! My daughter walked in and said "what is that donkey doing?" She appreciated it too!

Pattyannie55 said...

I love this blog, A new farmer , rancher myself. I just couldn't stop laughing. I am so glad I found this.

charissa blackstone said...

My boys proved they were the bigger donkeys! wee haw!


the way we got them in the trailer is told them they were going to save us fuel by pulling truck&trailer all the way back to madisonville, jack gave up!!!and jr knew he couldn't do it by himself.they went in and no one nor donkeys were injured.and the big guy inthe blue shirt will owe us lunch!!!!!!!!!!!

Dana (the Homesteading Housewife) said...

Don't you let him forget it! ;)

Jenn said... I wish you were closer, I've been looking for a couple of donkeys to keep my big silly Thoroughbred company!

They are very, very nice lookin' donks. Why did you find a new home for them?

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