Sep 6, 2008

Failing My Inner Child.

When I was young, there were several things I promised myself I'd never do.

I'd never drive a Mini Van. (I don't anymore.. don't worry)
I would never leave the house without full make-up expertly applied. (I'm lucky to LOOK in a mirror each day!)
I'd never say "Turn That Junk Music Down!" (I wouldn't say it if their music wasn't junk)
I'd never slap one of those "My Kids an Honor Student at So-n-So elem School" bumper stickers on my car. (I'm proud.. shoot me!)
I'd never listen to "oldies" on the radio station. (no one told me 80's music would be considered old!)
I'd never wear jeans larger than a size 8. (5 kids.. nuff said)
I'd never drink anything "Diet". (see above)
I'd never use coupons.
I'd never choose comfort over fashion. (fashion? whats that?)
I'd never use "Because I Said So!" as reasonable logic. (I can't help it.. it's in the DNA)
I'd never choose grapefruit over Fruity Pebbles for breakfast.
I'd never Make my kids eat vegetables.
I'd never EVER use my spit to wash my kids face. (a mom has gotta do what a Moms gotta do!)
I'd never order a salad over a greasy Cheeseburger. (sigh)
I wouldn't have a cow when my child came home with a hickey. (so very NOT ok!!)
I would be a "cool Mom". (oh well.. I'll deal with it)

Well... I am now 36 years old.
I have 5 kids.
And I have successfully broken every single one of the promises I made myself as a child PLUS some.

It's official....
I am turning into my mother!!

the shocking thing is....
It kinda makes me proud.

Sorry Young clueless Dana....
You grew up.

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Caroline said...

As annoyed as I am by some of the snappy comments that I used as a kid - bottomline is: they work. And they haven't ever heard them before. So I try to get over it. And say that stuff. "You'll poke your eye out." rolls right off the toungue.

stickymama said...

Now playing at my house:
"Because I'm the boss!"

Jenn said...

Oh crap..I haven't seen a hickey yet and I hope I never do! Two teen girls will drive anyone crazy,without the thoughts of hickies and things.

Bethany said...

you could add that you would never live in Texas. That was another promise to yourself you broke.

- your spoiled rotten, "city girl", little sister

Helene said...

What a funny post! Isn't it so true though? I've said tons of things (lots of the same things on your list) that I'd never do and I've broken all my own rules!

One of my biggest things was I would never go digging for a booger in my child's nose with my own finger or pop a snot bubble coming out of their nose with my own fingers and I've done both. And it didn't even gross me out (that was the HUGE shocker).

Great post!!!

Cindi @ Moomettesgram's Musings said...

OMG, you have me ROFL! I'm a Baby Boomer & this rings so true! I have a DD25 (who blessed me with 2 grandkiddos) and DD21, and I can't wait for them to be in this position some day! Thanks for the smile you put on my face!

dykewife said...

though i've threatened to on many occasions, i've never once in boy's life spit on a tissue and wiped his face. i totally despised it when my mom did it and i refused to do it to him. i figured a little bit of a dirty face (or a lot) wouldn't kill him.l thus far i've been rigt :)

oh, and about comfort over fashion. since i was in my mid 20s i've said that i was built for comfort and not for speed. that hasn't changed in the least.

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

Great post! You sure made a lot of promises to yourself! Funny how things change as we mature. I don't have any list like this--just some things I would never wear.

Cathy said...

Great post! It's so funny. Hm... what have I promised myself?

oh yeah... I promised I won't let my house get this dirty after I have kids (after seeing my friend's house), ha! After one? My house looks like a tornado comes by on a daily basis...

Tracy Roberts said...

I am my mama's daughter LOL and mine will one day be mine!

One of my favorite for 17 yo is I am NOT your friend, I AM your mother! Said when she goes just over the line in teasing.

For my 3 yr old that always asks, "Why?" I tell her -Because I told you to /said so.

Thanks for a fun post.

LaShanna said...

I'm 27, have no children, and realized quite some time ago that I'm turning into my mother. It makes me proud too!! My mom is great....I mean she put up with me for years and didn't kill me!!!!

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