Sep 7, 2008

Queen of Dorksville

Yep, that's my new title...
Several years ago I was thinking to myself.
"Myself.. I wanna come up with some sweet memories for my children."
I decided to have a wonderful potter I know make up some little crocks that said "Love" and "Happiness"

Love is my crock for salt.
Happiness is my crock for pepper.

I have a dream that someday my children will be talking about my cooking and fondly say..
"My Mom always put a little love and happiness into everything she cooked."

...Yep.. I'm kinda dorky that way.

It doesn't stop with the salt and pepper...
Did you know that I am also into Graffiti?

I'm one taggin Mo Fro. (whats a Mo Fro? I hope it's something good .. I kinda like the sound of it.)

This "Tag" is in my Living room right above the TV.

This is the "Tag" in the boys bathroom.
If you are the parent of boys, you'll understand.

I even Tagged my own Bedroom!
I'm sick I tell ya!... sick.

Don't think for one minute that my kitchen has escaped my Graffiti spree.
Queen of Dorksville I am...
Now, where is my crown?

Edited to add....
Did you know that a dork is the name for a Blue Whale's penis?
Now I need to re-think my whole title.
Thanks to my 16 yr old know-it-all.
I was fine without knowing that little trivia tid-bit.

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20 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

Jenn said...

Oh man,really ? I use dork all the time. I just hope nobody I know,knows what it really means!

How is your toe?

ChristiS said...

Had NO idea that was the meaning of the word! I think your tags are great!

Dana (the Homesteading Housewife) said...

Jenn... toe is purple and painful!

Traci said...

I had a jar like those when I was said ASHES OF PROBLEM haaaaa.

One day, my students were acting funny and I asked them what was up w/ the funniness.....then finally, one kid asked in a whisper...."Is Billy in the jar"?....well, Billy had been absent for several days due to an illness.....but, right before he was absent, he had been in trouble in class......

That was one way to get the class to behave....I laughed so hard about that...and I had to get rid of the jar....didn't want to traumatize the little kiddos.....they were 10 and 11 year olds.

I do like the jars you have though.

Elizabeth Channel said...

OK, I need that potty one!

dykewife said...

when i was growing up my neighbour had 7 children, five of them were boys. she had a sign in the rumpus room bathroom (because they and all their friends played in that room):

"we aim to please,
you aim too, please."

it always got a few chuckles.

Tina said...

dork a penis name rofl

i like the little pots i think they are cute. good future thoughts on them! your like me i always think ahead!

liked the graffit too they are funny.

thanks for stopping by my place other day and leaving a comment, and thanks for your advert on ec ;)

Melissa said...

Ha, Ha, I love it. If I had a tiara, I would crown you queen of dorksville, though I think you could come up with a nicer name. Dorksville, sure sounds not very nice. I like your salt and pepper shakers. What a nice gift idea they would be too, for someone who loves to cook.

Harmony said...

Nice graffiti! I remember hearing what dork meant a while ago, but I think I blocked it out.

Elle said...

I'm never going to be able to say or hear the word Dork again without thinking about that little piece of trivia.

mrsbear said...

I was going to say your dorkiness is cool, fun and totally acceptable. Then that whale comment had me rolling, that's hilarious and makes that dork comment a little inappropriate. We might have to rethink that title. ;-) Thanks for the laugh.

Anonymous said...

Careful...Its "Mo Fo" and it stands for Motherf*cker!

Dana (the Homesteading Housewife) said...

really?? It's not Mo Fro? geesh... this post is straight from the gutter and I didnt even know it! lol

Cathy said...

That is so funny! Love the salt and pepper pots and that saying, "Yesterday this house... ", I can certainly use one :)

And that comment about "Mo Fo", didn't know it meant that, thank goodness. Now I know.

Have a great week!

Janine said...

Haha! Love the "this house was clean..." one. It would fit perfectly in my house.

Nina said...

I love that type of stuff. I would have it all over my house if I wasn't such a cheapskate.

Channah said...

Bwahahah! I had no idea that was the meaning of the word!

I have an award for you on my site!

Jules said...

I have one in my house that says "Angels Welcome Here". I was hoping that it would influence my two boys. Still waiting! LOL

Michele said...

Love these signs and wish I could be as creative! It might help get the point across to the kids and man of the house! :)

Mother Fonker - Kat said...

Ooh... so that's why I'm a self-proclaimed "Half-dork, half-mom..."

I get it. I get it :-)

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