Sep 9, 2008

Sing haters..... sing!

don't worry, My friends...
Normal posts will resume tomorrow.
Today I am gonna address a few people who have contacted me about my blog.

My goodness...
Today was a banner day!
several hate mails in my in-box.
and .... Drum roll please.... 1 Death Threat!

You know..
I often think life would be easier if we lived in an opera.
I mean.. I can remember every word to every song of my youth.. but can't remember all the presidents of the United States names! If they would have taught school in song I would have passed with flying colors!

I'm thinking there has to be others out there like me, who would love to communicate in song.

So I'm gonna help you haters out...
Here are a few songs you can sing to me instead of the poorly spelled, death threats and hate-mail.

you can thank me later.

just push "play"


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Misty said...

Um. A death threat????

You are joking right? My GOD. WHY????

Was it the bulk recipes that set them off? Or maybe the cute pseudonyms you have for the kids. Oh wait. I know. It is how you love your husband!

Insanity. I can't even imagine...

RiceWenchie said...

I think all those haters are just dorks (see previous post). And the death threat one, well, let's just say they had a thought once and it died from loneliness. HA!

dykewife said...

i guess you shouldn't have sold the donkeys, stored so much food in the freezer, coped with a hurricane and had children...or something.

what could you have possibly done to merit a death threat? i am amazed at the depth a human will sink to in an attempt to feel more powerful by bringing another down.

janie said...

some people have no lives or are just so miserable with their own life that they have to spread the misery.
i think you are a riot. i know i can visit your site and find a good giggle or a really good recipe.

Elle said...

Some people are so miserable they just have to spread it like some insidious disease. My mother's answer to everything seems appropriate, "They're just jealous."

Jenn said...

I'm just flabbergasted that you, of all bloggers, would get hate mail! Seriously. Sheesh.

uummm said...

Why on earth send you such emails? I mean really, you have got to be one of the funniest people I...umm read, because I guess I don't "know" you. I check your site everyday (ok, sometimes more) just to get a good chuckle. I even forward your link to others telling them to read what you write on your funnier days. I know on my blog I had someone that posted a bunch of jibberish, I didn't even bother reading it, it was so long anyway, would anyone read it?
Dana, you keep doing what you do best and forget them! They are MEANERS!

Tiffany said...

It seems crazy with the busy world we live in now. That people would waste their time sending messages like that. However, I feel the world is all about what you give is what you get 3X.

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