Sep 26, 2008

Hmmm... maybe they were right?

When I was posting about our Post-Ike adventures, I had several of you send me e-mails telling me that I had a great attitude during the hard times, but warning me about the days/weeks after things start getting back to "normal"....
You said I might get depressed, you said I might get "blue"...

Nope.... Not me I thought to myself....
I have too much to do!
My house is a massive wreck.
Mt Laundry has grown taller than me.
Dishes upon dishes need washing.
etc etc etc....

I'd be too busy to even think about getting "blue"

This afternoon, as I was sitting on the couch, polishing off the Little-Foreman-in-Pink's chocolate pudding snack-pack, and looking for another one or four.
I realized that I have a headache, I have body aches, I just wanna crawl into bed and sleep.

Could this be what you were talking about?


Oh... did you see Martha's Blog Studio?
Geesh! I want one!
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Susan said...

Yes that is what we were talking about. So take your coffee or tea or what ever your drink of choice is (mine is a screwdriver) and go sit outside watching your beautiful little hummingbirds.

Doris said...

Getting depressed about all of this is easy. I've been counting our recovery in baby steps, hoping it helps me feel better over the long haul.

Today - our electricity came back on at my house. I still can't live at my house, but it does mean the worker dudes can get things done. I'm hoping to move home by Thanksgiving.

My usual fitness blog has been filled with my thoughts on this storm and our recovery. Baby steps are good, but this weekend I feel like I've taken a giant leap toward things being normal.

I just want things to be normal again.


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