Oct 21, 2008

21 Meals

I just read somewhere that most family meal plans consist of 21 "Family Favorite" meals,
In other words, most families have about 21 meals that are the standard fair at the dinner table.
This got me thinking....
If I had the ingredients for just 21 meals in my freezer and/or pantry at all times, I would never have a moment of "Oh Crap!! What am I gonna make for dinner?!?"

How great would that be??
So I had to figure out, what are my 21 meals?
I like to try new recipes, so you never know what you'll find on our plates.
But, as I tried to think of our 21 meals I realized that we do, in fact, have about 21 meals that are always in the rotation. They are my standby meals. Everyone loves em and they are our comfort meals.
Here is my list in no particular order.
I didn't include side dishes, just the main course.

21 meals

1. spaghetti
2. smothered steak
3. grilled steak
4. bacon wrapped stuffed chicken breasts
5. beef stew
6. Cajun chicken fettuccine
7. Pork tenderloin
8. Meat loaf
9. Jambalaya
10. Roast chicken
11. Breakfast
12. Pork chops
13. Burgers
14. Hamburger gravy
15. BBQ/smoker foods
16. Chicken Ceaser salad
17. Chicken Breasts w/ Stuffing
18. Lasagna
19. Mexican Lasagna
20. Taco Salad
21. Fajita’s

What about you?
What foods are in your list?
I'd love to see some of your favorite family meal ideas!
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TX Poppet said...

My list is similar,with spaghetti and chili right at the top, too. We probably eat a lot more slow cooker food than we need to as well because of my work schedule.Hrm...you've given me something to think about.

Star8278 said...

I don't think my list would make it to 21. Most of our sides are always the same, some steamed vegetable, and either rice, mashed, baked or mac & cheese.

1. spaghetti (though its with bowties) and sausage
2. BBQ pork chops
3. lemon pepper grilled chicken
4. lasagna
5. belgian waffles
6. french toast (egg bread as we call it)
7. thin, quick fry steaks or pork chops cooked in a skillet with italian dressing
8. porketta
9. YIKES, better start reading cookbooks!!1

*lynne* said...

I'm going to have to think about this a bit before I come up with a list of stuff - especially since for way too long it's been too easy to talk the hubby into getting us "outside food", you know, like delicious Thai food (oodles of varieties of stir-fried noodles!), Mexican food (carne asada tortas are my fave!), ... we've been a lot better about eating in, making our own foods nowadays, from a $$ and health point of view.

The Daily Dish said...

Dana, I'm going to post a 21 meals list tomorrow around noon. Also besides loving your blog, I love your playlist :)

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I can come up with 21...

Fajitas (chicken)
Thai pizza
Shepherd's pie
Stuffed meatloaf
Italian pork roast
Pasta (all kinds-with homemade
Alfredo and/or tomato sauces)
Cedar plank BBQ Salmon
Mexican wraps
Taco casserole
Hamburger soup
Salmon soup (we love soups)
BBQ Marinated Flank steak
BBQ Pork Tenderloin
Roast chicken
Chicken breasts (baked with
artichokes, sundried tomato & provolone cheese - a favorite)
Chicken Pot Pie
Any white fresh fish

Hey, that's 22!

Love your blog. It makes me laugh regularly!

Nancy Peacock

SmallWorld at Home said...

Not exactly sure how many I have, but here's my list!

janie said...

i don't think we have 21 meals. i have a picky husband and son but here goes:
1. spaghetti
2. ham
3. hot dogs
4. meatloaf (son doesn't like)
5. hamburgers (son doesn't like)
6. grilled cheese
7. tortellini
8. man n cheese
9.chicken nuggets
10. fish stick bites
11. canned ravioli (i can't eat cus of msg)
12. baked beans

and that's about it. to keep me from being totally bored, i make yummy stuff for lunch that no one else likes to eat. :)

Eryn at HomeSchooledYear.com said...

Hmmm...I'm going to have to sit down and really think about this.

And can we get the recipe for Mexican Lasagna?!

Dana (the Homesteading Housewife) said...

Thanks y'all! I love seeing what other people eat. ;)

I'll post the Mexican lasagna recipe tomorrow... it's yummmy!

tonkatoy27 said...

1 Lamb Roast
2 Roast Chicken
3 Crumbed Lamb Loin Cutlets
4 Ham Steak & Pineapple
5 Grilled Eye Fillet Steak ~ Rare
6 Beef Steak Pie
7 Grilled Fish ~ Flake
8 Egg & Bacon Pie
9 Pasta ~ With Bolognaise Sauce
10 Chow Mein ~ Home Made
11 Apricot Chicken Casserole
12 Egg & Bacon Pie
13 Pizza ~ Hot n Spicy
14 Toasted Ham Cheese & Tomato
15 Pumpkin Soup
16 Savoury Scones ~ Yummy
17 Lasagne
18 Quiche ~ Lorraine
19 Pavlova
20 Lamingtons
21 Vanilla Slice ~ Secret Recipe

Jenn said...

I want to come eat at your house ! I make boiled dinner and cabbage casserole and hamburger soup and every one loves those , plus alot of the things you have listed as well.

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