Oct 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

This year is a different kind of Halloween.
For the first year ever, I didn't make the kids costumes for trick-or-treating.

Yep... I am usually the mean mom who spends hours making a unique costume for my children.

In years past, they have been ,
-Chocolate Chip Cookies
-the boys dressed as girls
-dead football players
-bags of jelly beans
-bag of laundry
-various hobos
-and gobblins.
etc etc etc

This year they bought the cheap, thin, just like everybody else masks.
They are thrilled!

Before you know it, they are gonna want store-bought birthday cakes!!


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Erin Tales said...

Not store bought cakes! :gasp: LOL. I love making the birthday cakes. I get sad when my sister buys them from the store.

http://www.nicolehumphrey.net/blog said...

Store bought birthday cakes do not compare at all to the beautiful mom-made ones. If they do ask for them, just wait - within a few years they'll want mom's again/

Those thin costumes really are terrible, but kids love them. I prefer the "uniform" or "hand made" kind myself! :)

Happy Halloween!

Jenn said...

My kids costumes are never as unique as a bag of jellybeans and usually involve white sweat pants/shirt. The oldest has gone as a dairy cow and a panda bear.

The youngest has gone as a dalmation, a snowman and this year, a unicorn.

At least I get to keep part of their costumes for later use!

I do store bought birthday cakes...but only from Coldstone. :P

Tiffany said...

Well I do the DairyQueen Ice cream cake. the kids love them and prefer them over the homemade cake. But I agree the costume I loved when we got creative and made our own. But I my kids or older so they dont me to have anything to do making them a custome. Have A Great Halloween

savvysuzie said...

I was all ready to make the Boy wonder's costume this year, but we just ran out of time. I blinked and it was the end of October! Sheesh.

You've been boo'ed! See my site for details :)
Happy Halloween!


Lynne said...

I didn't make my daughter's costume this year either, mainly because she couldn't decide what she wanted to be. She finally got a costume Wed. night, 60% off.

TiLT said...

phew! I am not the only one. I felt horrible buying one from the store...

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