Oct 24, 2008

It Should Be Illegal!

While driving through town my son and I passed a corner with several election campaign signs posted on it.

"Mommy... I thought it was against the law to kill people in the USA."
said the small voice from the back seat.

"Well, it is honey, it's called murder" I replied and continued to drive.

"Then why is it ok for them to advertise to kill people?" He asked

"Huh? What are you talking about?"

"People advertise for hit men, They kill people right?"

"Yes, a hit man kills people for money, they are very bad people. They advertise?"

"Yep, I see ads for them all the time."

"No you don't, you must misunderstand the ad, next time you see it show me."

"Right there!!! There is a sign right there!! Look Mom!!"

The sign read...

Thomas Hitminn
for County Commissioner.

Um, yeah.... we may need to work on our reading just a tad.
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Margie and Edna said...

I love it! You know, a county commissioner who's *also* a hit man might just get the job done. :D

Leanne said...

I'm laughing. When I first started readig I thought you had one of those anti-abortion billboards in your town. I had fun explaining THAT to my eight and five year olds. Your story is MUCH better. :)

Wendy said...

Oh Gosh Dana! Are you TRYING to make me fall off my chair?

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