Oct 23, 2008

100 things... 41-50

That I wanna do before I die...

41. build a greenhouse.
42. run a restaurant.
43. live in a Log Cabin.
44. have a professional full body massage.
45. learn to knit.
46. see the northern lights.
48. get a nose job.
49. have a beautiful salt water fish tank.
50. hike in the Grand Canyon.

Did ya miss the first 39 of the list?
See them HERE.

Whats on your list?
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Carol said...

Yeah. Y'gotta do the body massage thing at least once. Heavenly stuff.

dykewife said...

once in a while, if you're really lucky and the aurora are exceptionally active, you can see them as far south as texas. however, if'n you want to come up here some time (winter is best because of the long, dark nights) i'll make the hot cocoa and we can sip and "ooh" at them.

Amy from Texas said...

Great list. I've never even seen the grand canyon. I always loved that Brady Bunch episode when they rode the donkeys and camped out.

Jenn said...

I would love to have a salt water tank too, and the northern lights are beautiful.

Doug said...

Well, I've completed 15 of your first 50, but that leaves a whole lot of "things" that I will likely NEVER do. I wish you well on completing as many of the goals as possible.

You, and your readers, may enjoy my series on "My First Time:" at http://gruggersway.today.com

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