Oct 2, 2008

Know What I Mean?

I was riding in the car with my eldest boy (16 yrs old) today.
He was rambling on about something. and finished his thought with.
"You know what I mean?"

So, of course in classic smart-ass style I replied with..
"Yes Vern."
"Mom? who is Vern?"

Of course the first thing that popped into my mind was Earnest.
You know... the "You Know What I Mean Vern?" guy?

Am I really getting THAT old??
Doesn't everybody remember Earnest???
come on!!
help a sister out!

"Know What I mean Vern???"

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Anne M. said...

who could EVER forget Ernest??!!

I made all my kids sit and watch some of his movies so they'd know what I was saying =)

oh and the back to the future movies -- you know -- MCFLY???

LOL to much fun!

Rose said...

Of course I know " what ya mean, Vern!"
I think youth is wasted on the young!!

dykewife said...

i remember ernest (though i avoided him as much as possible). he was famous nearly coming on 15 or so years ago, maybe more. perhaps that's why your 16 year old doesn't know who the dude is.

Chandler said...

I remember Ernest very well. I thought he was really funny as a kid (and still do now). It was really sad that he passed away so young so that the next generation can't enjoy Ernest. Maybe get your kids to watch Ernest Goes to Camp? :D

Anonymous said...

Oh, I remember. Margie

aprilbapryll said...

I remember, and even though he was annoying, I was sad when he died -- Jim Varney, right?

savvysuzie said...

Ernest was fodder for SOOOO many inside family jokes when I was growing up...my dad will still break out a "KnowhutImean?".

Oh and I have an award for you at my blog...It'll be up before I go to bed tonight!

The Jillybean said...

LOL, I will have to try that line on my kids and confuse them as well.

Joe Somebody said...

I remember, but when I asked my son he didn't, so I guess I am old! :(

dj said...

aah yes, nothing like children to instantly age you! Yes, I remember Vern.

Tatersmama said...

Lord help me, but I used to think that Vern was the sexiest man alive. I wanted to grow up and marry Vern.

I'm off to take my medication now... *sob*

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