Oct 6, 2008

Super-Cheap Living Room Make-Over (part 1)

This is the shelving Unit the boys and I built last week.
It cost a whopping $60.
(One final shelf will go on top when the paint is dry)

Unfortunately, my carpentry skills consist of little more than boards and cinder blocks. (think college dorm style)
So... that's what I used.
Well... cinder blocks, boards, denim squares, and lots & lots of glue.

I glued the various denim squares to the cinder blocks and transformed them into something that will match my denim furniture(and they look less cinder-blocky) and the denim quilt that I made a few years ago.
It ain't sophisticated....
But it sure is different and I love the way it turned out!

I also glued the denim quilting squares to the back and sides of the fist tank....
That hides the cords from the filter etc.. and I really LOVE the look of it!
So does Otis the killer Boston Terrier!
He spends most of his day trying to catch the fish.
More soon......
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7 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

Teresa said...

I LOVE re-using denim in my quilts, But this is such a great idea!!! Very imaginative and looks very good!

Tess said...

Very cute and darn it- I missed the Wife swap episode!

Ms. O. D. said...

this is really nice, the denim quilt is a nice touch! gave me some idea :)

Tammy Warren said...

Wow...I love this. How cute. I see the WII down there...isn't that so fun.

Jenn said...

That's pretty darn good,I'd say!

Janine said...

I love this idea! Very clever.

a said...

hey that looks really cool! good job:)

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