Nov 9, 2008

He Made Me Cry.

13 years ago He made me cry out in pain because childbirth is painful.

12yrs & 50 weeks ago, He made me cry out of sheer terror when I found out he had a heart defect.

12yrs & 49 weeks ago He made me cry from relief when I found out it would not threaten his precious little life.

8 years ago He made me cry with excitement and relief when he was tested and was found to be "gifted"and NOT dyslexic.

7 years ago He made me cry from the feeling of helplessness I felt when he fell and split his eye open and there was nothing I could do to ease his pain.

6 years ago He made me cry from the emotion of him asking me if I would ever divorce him like I was divorcing his daddy.

5 years ago He made me cry with him in sadness when I had to explain why his Papa was in heaven and not here with us anymore.

5 months ago He made me cry because He was leaving me for a whole week to go "be a man" at camp.

Last night He made me cry when I heard him sing like an angel in the Prestigious Texas State Choir.
Later that night, He made me cry as he blew out his birthday candles and looked like such a grown up young man.
I guess I AM one of those weepy moms after-all. **sniff**
Happy Birthday Baby!
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Eryn at said...

Drat, this made ME all teary eyed.

Happy Birthday to your boy!

Anonymous said...

How sweet is that?!?


BK said...

Happy Birthday to your son! Weepy mom? I don't think so, any mother going through those moments in your shoes would have cried too. Thank you for sharing something so special with us.

JANE said...

Oh girl you made me teary too! I always have a problem with my oldest son's "milestones" and just can't figure where the time goes cause I know I'm still young!

dykewife said...

dang kids! they keep growing up. we had a scare with boy when he was about 3 months old when our gp thought his head growth went off the curve (his head was big and created its own curve high above the others which made watching it all the more important) which sent us to the paediatrician who immediately sent us to the paediatric neurologist who immediately put us in hospital with him for an emergency ct. it was a very scary time. i remember bran walking out of the hospital, refusing to put boy in the baby seat until we got to the car...he didn't want to let him go just yet...though relieved there was nothing wrong, since that time there isn't a day that goes by when we've not touched him in some way, just to make sure he's really still with us.

happy hatch day to your boy. he sounds wonderful. :)

Wendy Lopez-Redaon said...

that was such a wonderful post. I hope your son read it!! it made me teary eyed and think about my own son =)

happy birthday to your young man!

Erin Tales said...

Sniffle. What a sweet post! And they are ALWAYS your baby! No matter how grown up they look!

Jenn said...

What a beautiful post, and such a handsome young man.

I'm sure he'll continue to make you cry. They always do. :)

Karen said...

Aw, how sweet. Happy birthday to your young man.

Patricia said...

Yep! I agree! A real tear-jerker! And an adorable young man.

Nina said...

Awww.. happy birthday to your son. Don't they grow up so fast.

I would be all weepy also....

attygnorris said...

Happy Bday to him. What a sweet story. I'm a weepy mom too. I think they do that to us.

Angie said...

Awww... today you made me cry! I too have a young man... so I understand how that happens!

Judy said...

What a handsome young man. I had four sons and ALL of them are still my babies (the oldest is 46 and the youngest is 35). I love your blog and your sentimentality! Thanks for sharing your fears and joys!

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