Dec 10, 2008

It's official.... I have a Reputation!!

When I was growing up, I never was part of any particular crowd.
I wasn't a cheerleader.
I wasn't a Prep.
I wasn't a geek.
I wasn't a jock.
I wasn't a hood.
I wasn't a metal-head.
I wasn't an honor student.
I wasn't a grease monkey.
I wasn't a... well, you get the point.

I had friends from all of these groups.
It was actually a good thing. I got along with them all.
But there was always a little part of me that longed to be part of some group.
If I couldn't be a part of a group, I kinda wanted a reputation.
Everyone liked me.... But I wasn't known for anything.
I didn't want to have a reputation as "easy".
I didn't want a reputation as a "bad girl".
But I wanted something.
I wanted people to say... "There is that Dana girl.... she's the one who..."
Nope. nothin.
There was nothing that I was known for.

EXCEPT , I was Dan's little sister.
My big brother, Dan, was the smart one.
Dan was the handsome one.
Dan was good at sports.
Dan got all the girls.
Everyone knew Dan.
I was nothing special. Or so I thought at the time.

I am now 37 years old and now I have a reputation!!!
Nope.. it's not because I was on TV. (wife swap)
Not from radio interviews.
Not from this silly little blog.

I have a reputation at the High School!!!
Ok, I am not a student...
But I AM known!

My son came home from school and informed me that all of the kids there know me as the Mom who turns in her kid when she finds out he has been skipping class & may have dropped the names of his buddies who were skipping with him.

Me!! I have a reputation!! they say...
"There's that Dana Lady... She is the one who is the bitchy mom!"
Whoo hoo! a real genuine reputation!!

Who knew being called a bitch would bring me such joy!
Perhaps it's time for Dana to get a life.
And, perhaps it's time my boys & their friends realize who they are dealing with!

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Anonymous said...

Well looks like you finally have the reputation you always wanted and you did not even have to do anything. You might as well be known for something than known for nothing right? Actually it is good that they know someone is going to be watching them (teens. You go mama!

Dawn-Ann in Calgary said...

You sound just like I was in high school. Everyone liked me and I had friends from all groups, but I was a group unto myself. The only difference was I was happy being a group unto myself and never really thought much about joining anyone else's.

I'm glad you're keeping an eye on your teenaged boy and that they all know it. Keep fighting the good fight, Girlfriend!

Melissa said...

Heh! Go Dana!! :)

Bethany said...

If you wanted to ruin your SON'S carefully generated reputation, you succeeded! (And good riddance, btw.)

To me, you'll always be my slightly off-kilter older sister. :o)

- your spoiled rotten, "city girl", little sister

Dawn's Recipes / The Baby Blog said...

Hahaha! Well, I'm still working on the "mom" thing, but I have a feeling I'll be known as the bitchy one too. I can't wait! ^_^

Anonymous said...

You ratted out your own kid? Harsh! You earned that Bitch title.

Anonymous said...

Nurturing is what I aim for. Not bitch.


attygnorris said...

Hey, you had me at "Wife Swap".

Congrats on your reputation!


GOONKA said...

WOOHOOOOOO! I got my rep back in 8th grade. My sons 8th grade, that is. He decided to steal, was warned about it, and than did it AGAIN! so I turned his butt into the cops (my hubby was VERY angry over my doing this, I will point out), they went and got him from school, handcuffed him, placed him in the back of the squad and took him to the 'shop'.

After doing their thing, they took him to the actual store (allowing me to come along the entire time, which was VERY nice of them!), where the manager said that he was not going to press charges HOWEVER .. he said he expected to have the cleanest parking lot for a month. I agreed to bring him over every day after school to corral carts, and sweep the front of the walkway and he did it.

He got razzed like nobodys business AND everyone in school knew me too. Good. His friends consider me their 'other' mom and when the line is drawn, kids know how to walk it. AND there is a penalty for crossing it. They never crossed it.

He's a daddy now and he says he doesn't think he'd have half the cajones I do if that time ever comes to haul in your own kid. If you love him, you will. Better than visiting them in jail, or worse.

Tatersmama said...

Goodonya ! (um, that's Aussie speak for "good for you!!)
I did the same thing you did, and everybody knew that they had to toe the line when it came to "J's" mama. :o)

I had a thing for the bad boys when I was in school, but it sure didn't earn me a reputation. I just got nasty comments from the bad girls, that I was ruining "their" rep! Maybe because I showed 'em you could have a good time without bein' "bad".

Rebecca said...

Congratulations!!! You've made it to the Big Time!

I was a mediocre kid in school, too. Thank God, lol. You sound like a terrific mom-- your son will kiss your feet someday (and so will his wife).

Anonymous said...

I feel so much better now. I have been looking at your picture, and I kept thinking I knew you from somewhere... but not really? I do remember your episode, you had the 2 new daughters that didn't know what bleach was. Wow. Good for you for being the tough mom!

Anonymous said...

I dunno - I think being a bitch is a good reputation to have. People will think twice before messing with you!

Holly said...

Way to go!! Stick to your guns. Too many people take the easy option of doing nothing, which is really condoning such behavior. Been the baddie of reporting my own kid and have NEVER regretted it. It's called the 'Tough Love Club'. You're Awesome!

Jo said...

You go girl!! You may have a rep as a bitchy mom with the kids, but I'll bet you are the "hero" mom to the teachers and other parents. I have relatives that teach, and when a parent cares enough to turn their kid(s) in, it is a miracle these days! When my kids told me that I was the world's meanest mom, I told them that they should remember that if they ever decided to do something wrong. The thanks will be a few years coming from the kids, but one day you will hear that come out of their mouths.

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