Dec 5, 2008

Where did they come from?

I often look around at my young-folk and ask my self this question.
Where did they come from??

Now, of course I know where they came from....
But, I'm not sure why they are the way they are..
They are strange and different creatures.
They are all rasied in the same house, with the same parents.

I love them.
I even like them alot of the time.
But these people are odd!
I happen to know for a fact that they didn't get THAT from me!

Worker #1 =
  • Is a freakishly 6' 3" tall!
  • His hair resembles something between an S.O.S Pad, and Bozo the Clown.
  • His every waking moment is consumed with plans and dreams of the catapult he is building... the 8 foot tall catapult that he is going to use to launch pumpkins and watermelons across out front pasture. Why?? Because he can.
  • Swears American cheese gives him headaches.
Worker #2 =
  • Is the daredevil. Put any motorized vehicle in his view, and he is planning on ways to make it jump something ridiculously tall and treacherous.
  • Loves music where no one actually sings.. but screams at the top of their lungs like an angry banshee.
  • Is secretive... Does not like to talk... not on the phone, not face to face, not in written correspondence, nada.. nuthin... zilch... zipped.
  • Got his first stitches in his face because he was playing catch... with a brick!
Worker #3 =
  • Is the intellectual. He would rather be reading the latest installment of Harry Potter than paying outside.
  • Would forgo food and water for any computerized video game.
  • Is in the Gifted & Talented program at school.. he would live at school if you let him.
  • Cannot stand to be dirty or sweaty.
  • Has been plotting his move to the big city from the day he was born.
  • Knows everything there is to know about every constellation in the night sky... But could care less about whats going on here on Earth.
  • Hates all potatoes. He gags at the sight of a mashed spud.
Worker #4 =
  • Is a tiny little sucker.
  • Wants to play in the NFL.. he doesn't care that it's a game where other males who are twice his size spend their time trying to schmoosh the life out of him!!
  • Swears gravy is from the devil.
  • Can spend hours sitting the the grass talking to the dogs. And the dogs actually sit and listen to him.
  • Knocked his front 4 teeth out when he was 2, they are STILL GONE!! and he is 9 years old now. But that kid can gnaw a cob of corn clean faster than anyone I know.
The Little-Foreman-in-Pink =
  • Laughs uncontrollably when her brothers fart.
  • Sets up her stuffed animals to nurse from the breasts of her teddy bear.
  • Wants to bake a Watermelon Pie for daddy... covered with cheese!
  • Can heard goats and cows with her purple 4-wheeler better than any cowboy out there!
  • Wants to be Daddy when she grows up.
  • Has a better right hook than any boy I know.
Now.. these qualities are not bad qualities, but they certainly did not come from me...
Where did these strange and totally unique creatures come from? And how did they get to be the way they are?
They are my children...

It's amazing...

And kinda disturbing.

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carol at A Second Cup said...

I think #2 has a clone living in my house. Catch with a brick. Sounds like something my son would do and than he would be just shocked of something or someone got broken.

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog a couple of days ago... love it. I'm a little unsure about a kid that thinks gravy is from the devil, though. Keep your eye on him. J/K, I'm a little skewed, I could put gravy on my keyboard and eat it. I think its the Okie in me. Seriously though, great blog!

Doncha Wannano said...

This was a great rundown of the kids. Loved it! I feel the same about my kids... they are all so randomly different right from the get-go. I also loved Jenn's comment about keyboard + gravy. I will invite myself over to your house, Jenn, just to eat your gravy off the keyboard. At Thanksgiving we have to have a punchbowl of gravy just so there is enough. Maybe that makes me of the devil... I don't know...

Jen said...

I just found your blog and what a wonderful post! I have a #1 just like you. I don't know where he came from but I am so glad he is mine. I still can't figure out my daughter but time will tell. You described them beautifully!

dykewife said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dykewife said...

ah, the music that makes my ears bleed...boy likes that too. one band, alexis on fire, does sound a whole lot like someone lit someone on fire, set it to music...seriously.

does worker #3 know that being in a rural setting is totally ideal for star gazing and being in or around a city means light pollution that will obscure anything that might be in the sky?

Tatersmama said...

Hmmm...Do you think that maybe you were given the wrong kids in the hospital? I'm pretty sure I was, but I got attached to them anyway so decided to keep them.
That's the funny thing about kids though... You raise 'em all the same, you love 'em all the same, you treat 'em all the same and it's like they aren't even related to each other. Go figure...

When I come to live with you, I'll be sure to bring an extra fillet of fish with me, okay? After all, it's on my way out of town.

Oh..and hey? I don't live a secret life anymore. *wink*

Kim said...

Just discovered your blog and I love this post. Makes me want to meet your kids! I know what you mean about not knowing "where they came from". I feel that way about my girls.
Have a great day!

Angelena said...

I know exactly what you mean!! My 3 boys are all different. I mean how can there be that much difference when we all live in the same house and work on the same farm?? Strange!

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