Dec 4, 2008

Pro's & Con's of a large family.

There are many wonderful things about having a large family.

You are never lonely.
There are more hands to spread the work when something needs done.
There is always someone who has your back.
There is always someone around to entertain you.
Hand me downs rock when you have older brothers with style!
The laughter in the house is magnified.
Built-in babysitters.
There is always someone around to drive you somewhere you need to go.
etc etc etc...

There are some drawbacks as well....

I get light-headed when I clime to the top of Mt Laundry... the oxygen is thinner at that high of an elevation.
I haven't gone to the bathroom by myself in years!
When someone gets sick.... we all get sick! And it takes weeks to finish making the rounds!

I swear it has been three weeks and the first winter "funk" is still working it's way through our house!
I would be a very rich woman if I would have had the forethought to buy stock in NyQuil!
The sniffling, sneezing, coughing, so you can rest medicine is flowing like water round the farm!
fun fun fun

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Erin Tales said...

I dont have a large family, yet the same thing is happening! Loch got a cold, gave it to Keeg, gave it to me, Loch gets new cold, gave it to Keeg, gave it to Daddy.... never ending!

Bethany said...

thank you for passing it along to my house!

- your spoiled rotten, "city girl", little sister

carol at A Second Cup said...

I grew up in a family with 8 kids. One of the Pro of a large family is hanging out on the holidays with sisters, brother in laws and kids all over the place.

Willow said...

Hope you feel better soon -- and if that "funk" can be passed via the internet, I'm gonna hunt you down! ;-) You keep your wannabe stock in NyQuil. My wannabe stock is Duracell. My boys can go through some AAs!

Tammy W said...

Girl I feel ya!! and a family of eight NEEDS a dishwasher, unless you like slimy glasses or washing them yourself.

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