Jan 31, 2009

Forward My Mail To Mexico...

Before I make my confession, I want to be sure you know that I try to be a good wife.
I try to be a good mother.
I try to be upfront and truthful.
I try to be an open book.
In my experience, things are just easier that way.
I shouldn't have to spend any of my valuable time running in circles trying to remember who I told what, or who knows what and who doesn't or, more importantly.. who shouldn't know.
Ya know?

Well.. it just doesn't always work out.
My intentions are pure.
But the resulting chaos can be quite major.
OK.. (taking a deep breath).. here we go.

Two years ago, I bought The Man-of-My-Dreams a little truck.
This truck was his "toy" he put a big motor in it with grand plans of taking it to the race track.
It never made it to the track, but it provided countless hours of "play-time" for him.
Then he got the Camaro.
He loves the Camaro,
The Camaro is his other woman.

The truck was soon just sitting there, watching him while he caressed the Camaro.
The truck was sad.

One day, the Man-of-My-Dreams mentioned that he wanted to sell the truck because he never had the time to do anything with it, and then he'd have the extra play money to buy the Camaro a new motor. He really wants a new motor for his "baby".
We half-heartily looked for a buyer but never found one.
That was months and months ago

Fast-forward to this past week.
A man pulls into the driveway and asks me if I'd be willing to sell the truck.
I said.. Sure! He had the cash in hand! right there on the spot!
I ran inside to call the Man-of-My-Dreams at work. (he's still working out of state)
He was in a meeting and could not be disturbed.
So, I asked the man if I could get his phone number and I'd call him as soon as I could talk to him.

Here is where it gets sticky.

The man was leaving town that evening!
He didn't know for sure when he would be able to get back.
Oh MAN! I needed to make a decision on the spot!
Not something I've very good at!

So... I sold the truck.
I was feeling pretty darn good about it too!
Until the big boys came home from school...

When they found out that I sold the truck without asking the Man-of-My-Dreams about it first they began planning my funeral!
Worker #2 said he was gonna make sure he spent the next week-end that The Man-of-My-Dreams was home at a friends house so he would miss the blood-bath!
Worker #1 has decided he would stay here and try to protect me, but I really think he just wants to watch the show.

After hearing their reactions, I began to second-guess my decision.
Will he be mad?
Or will it work out the way I have it pictured in my mind?

~~~ Fade to Dream-Sequence ~~~

The Man-of-My-Dreams walks in the door.
I greet him with a kiss and hand him a fist-full of cash.
"Honey", I'd say.. "You work so hard. I want you to go and buy that shiny new motor for your beloved Camaro, because I love you so much!"
He would be speechless and full of gratitude.
Then I would spend the next 6 months enjoying my new "BEST Wife In The Whole Wide World" status...

~~~ Back to Normal ~~~

Both Workers #1 & #2 are 16 and have worked to buy their first cars/trucks.
Worker #1 was very excited today, when he bought a cheap little speaker-box for the old stereo in his truck.

He called the Man-of-My-Dreams to tell him all about it.
Of course, the Man-of-My-Dreams told Worker #1 that he could go out and get the expensive stereo and speakers out of his little truck and use them instead.
Worker #1 is now upset with me because he missed out on a great sound system all because I sold the truck without telling the Man-of-My-Dreams....

Geesh! Do I know how to dig a hole? or do I know how to dig a hole?!?
It's been nice knowing all of you...
Farewell forever...
Forward my mail to Mexico please!

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10 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

Cottage said...

Sellin' a country boy's truck is unimaginable. Sellin' a Texas country boy's truck, well, that might not be so good. Then again, he has the camaro.
Good luck, hope he is so happy he can buy a new motor that he is just so happy.
Do you know what your address will be yet?

Francois A said...

You love him and if he loves you he should know when you call work he has to get over the phone. This what I'll do for my DW.
Still give him the greeting you prepare. It's a good one.

Wanda said...

I would have done the exact same thing thinking he would be excited to have the extra money. It never fails that something always put a "monkey wrench" into the something good you do.
I left an award for you on my blog.
Take care and have a great weekend!

Tatersmama said...

Look on the bright side darlin'...
I hear they have real good Mexican food in Mexico.

Let us know how it all turns out!

Chickenista said...

Ewwww Weeee! You got some stones! If I even thought to sell Hubbys "Big Green Machine" phew I'd be right there next to you! I brought up selling his Harley (he just keeps covered) once oh my God I'm amazed I'm still here. But....he did say he wanted to sell it right...Good Luck!

Bella Casa said...

OMgosh! I hope this all works out for you! He did say he wanted to sell it...but I hope there wasn't anything in it that he was hiding or something like that...ugh!!!

I would probably have done the same thing though...wow...I'm anxious now, too, to see what happens...send me a tweet when you update the story!


Take care :)

Jenny said...

Cash in hand? He would have sold that truck up the creek, too! (I hope for your sake, anyways...)
Can't wait to hear how this one turns out!

JennyMac said...

When you told hubby's work that his wife was calling...did the person say he couldn't be disturbed or did hubby tell the messenger to tell you, that he said to not be disturbed? It's not like you were calling to see if he ate all the carrots you packed in his lunchbox. Calls from wives should be considered important. OR, He could have taken a second to say it wasn't a good time, he'd call you back. Then you would have had that quick second to clear the sale with him. I think the Worker who's ticked he didn't get the expensive stereo speaker first...is what is making you feel more guilty about this. A Loving husband should understand and be grateful.

Jenn said...

I think that unless he actually uttered the words "Take the truck off the market, it's no longer for sale," then I would have considered it still for sale and sold it without a second thought.

Kind of hard to turn down cash in hand especially when you believe the vehicle is still for sale.

Why Mexico? Spain is FAR more fun and the food 100 times better.

grandmamargie said...

uh oh

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